Episode 5 Combi Taco

At his core, Alejandro Flores-Muñoz is an entrepreneur. He is the founder of Combi Taco, a Mexican coffee shop in Littleton, and Stokes Poke, a fresh poke food truck. He’s also a DACA recipient, an activist, and an educator who leads workshops for undocumented people looking to start their own businesses.
Apr 18, 2024 — 1 min read



Alejandro Flores-Muñoz is an entrepreneur, founder of Combi Taco, and Stokes Poke, a fresh poke food truck in LIttleton, a suburb outside of Denver.

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Only In Denver: A Mi Manera

Only In Denver: A Mi Manera

Only In Denver highlights five Latinx-owned businesses, where each entrepreneur discusses the importance of how their culture and heritage shapes their work. These episodes are titled A Mi Manera, or My Way, as a means to honor Latinx business owners around the world.

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Alejandro Flores-Muñoz: I am in a mission right now to showcase that entrepreneurship is a viable option for folks regardless of your immigration status. Every single person in my family, and along with others in my community can have the right tools to get started and to start entrepreneurship.

I come from a family of merchants. All my life I have seen one way or the other that we have been bringing in income to our household through some sort of hustle.

What has currently been missing in our society is to recognize that the seller who is selling flowers or is selling flan door to door is a businessman or business woman. Most of the time we only see them as someone who is selling out of need. We have to treat the person, even if small, like an entrepreneur. Because in that moment we will give them the wings to say, “What’s the next thing I need to do?”

This year in Colorado, we were able to pass a law that allows undocumented people to obtain business licenses. As a small business owner and as a voice for the community, I was able to walk into the state capitol and give testimony as to why we should pass a law that will allow every Coloradan in the state to contribute to the economics of this state so we can become vibrant again. I decided in 2012 to launch my own business and I started a sunglasses business, and that propelled me to the things that I have now, a food truck, a catering business, vending machine business. But it was the steps of me watching my mom growing up and learning from that and growing that. That's what allowed me to get into entrepreneurship.

I've realized that I've had to redefine what success looks like for us as a community and what is attainable for us, and I'll tell you, I know I don't have it made yet. I know that I have so much more to learn. I have so much more to grow. However, I am in a position that I wouldn't have otherwise not been if it wasn't for the groundwork that other folks have put in before me.


“A Mi Manera,” or “My Way,” is a reflection of business owners’ courage to do things on their own terms.

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