How This Barbershop Uses Seamless Tools to Grow a National Brand

Kevin Clement founded Black Cat Barber Company in Utah, a growing barbershop that serves more than 10,000 clients. Square Appointments and other Square products help Kevin seamlessly process clients from the moment they book until they check out.
Apr 18, 2024 — 2 min read



Kevin Clement is the owner of Black Cat Barber Company in Utah.


Kevin Clement: We are a local barbershop. I like to say we're a staple of the community. When we started, it was just myself doing anything I could just to kind of get this thing off the ground. I used a old appointment book and it wasn't cutting it. It wasn't allowing customers or would be potential customers, a channel to be able to get to us and connect to us and get an appointment with us. And as we grew, I realized really quickly that we need to have booking option for our clients to be able to book appointments and that's where I found Square Appointments.

It just definitely took the pressure off of us a lot more, not having to keep a messy appointment book laying around if we were able to just clean it up, consolidate it, and streamline it. It's a great tool for any barber's, salons, anything like that, that really needs to give their clients a premium access and ability to book an appointment with ease.

Erika Clement: It's super easy to put the barber schedules into the appointments. It is really nice having the mobile app. You can kind of plan your day before you get to work that everything's super clear beforehand. You get emails or text messages. Being able to plan on both the app and on the computer is nice.

As far as inventory goes, it does send us an email when we're low on certain things. It's super easy to create new products and put it into the system. It shows on both the computer and the registered and really easy to access for the barbers as well.

Daniel Brewer: I use Square Appointments every day. We got it on our mobile devices. We use it here at the shop. When we check everybody in as they come in, it's an absolute staple that we use a hundred percent of the time. So for us, the technology is just seamless. We don't really have to think about it. We can just focus on our craft.

When we go to check out, we just bring 'em up to the counter. We sign in on the Square Point of Sale system. We usually give 'em their own time to punch in whatever kind of numbers that they want, like receipts, anything like that. We like it smooth and seamless and just as comfortable for them to pay. They don't feel like it's just about the money that it's about the service.

Kevin Clement:  Just watching the shop itself grow was amazing. We only have three barber chairs in here and we now have seven. This is something that I intend to have for the rest of my life and continue down the generations of my family and I'm very, very happy with where we're at and all the people who have been such huge parts of that success and I just couldn't be more thankful.

Daniel Brewer: My name is Daniel Brewer. I'm a barber here at Black Cat Barber Company.

Erika Clement: I'm Erika and I am co-owner and barber at Black Cat Barber Co.

Kevin Clement:  My name is Kevin Clement. I'm the owner here at Black Cat Barber Company.

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Black Cat Barber Company has expanded to eight barbers and serves more than 10,000 clients.

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