Best Practices To Win Lapsed Customers Back Over Email

Best Practices To Win Lapsed Customers Back Over Email
Missing some of your regulars? An automated lapsed email campaign can help you win them back.
by Square Sep 05, 2019 — 2 min read
Best Practices To Win Lapsed Customers Back Over Email

Having your customers stop buying from you is not something you want to have happen or even think about. But there is a chance it could happen, and if it does, know that it happens to the best of us and, most important, there are ways to get your customers to start buying from you again.

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Defining lapsed users

Square defines lapsed customers as those who’ve made three purchases within a six-month period but haven’t returned in the last six weeks. While this is Square’s definition, it’s important to note that you’re able to define Regular and Lapsed customer groups in the Customer Directory of your Square Dashboard. 

You can do this by selecting the group and then clicking Edit. This means you can decide when you want to send a customer a reminder if said customer hasn’t been back in a while – you know your customers best, so if you think six weeks is too long, you’re able to define them as a lapsed customer at that point. Then, with Square’s automatic “We Miss You!” campaign, you can set up a campaign to win them back by offering a coupon or discount.

Winning them back with an irresistible offer

A tried-and-true method for getting customers to start making purchases again is to make them an offer they can’t refuse (to be clear, we’re not talking about a Godfather offer, just an offer they’ll want to take advantage of).

There is a clear return on investment for a win-back campaign because these are customers who might never engage with your business again unless you try to win them back. Therefore, any sales you get from this campaign are unlikely to have happened otherwise. Further, a successful winback campaign is important for your business because “it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one,” according to Invesp.

So what should you email your lapsed customers to motivate them to make a purchase? A coupon, promotion, or even free shipping can go a long way in getting your customers to start buying again. For instance, Ryan, owner of R&R Coffee Cafe and Square merchant, has used Square’s automated “We Miss You!” campaign to win back customers to his cafe by offering a 10% discount.

As Ryan explains, “The ‘bring back lapsed customers’ campaign alone has brought in $7,238 in Attributable Sales. Without us doing anything except the initial five-minute setup almost three years ago, Marketing has brought in thousands of dollars in additional sales that I would have lost! And that is only one campaign!”

Creating clear calls to action in the subject line

Since you’re offering a coupon or promotion and you want to make sure customers open this email, mention the offer in your subject line. “Come back for 20% off your next purchase” is a great example of a subject line that can get lapsed customers to come back because it does two things. One, it shows that you miss them and two, that you are making your offer (and their incentive to shop) crystal clear.

Using automated email

With automated email in Square Marketing, you can set up a win-back email marketing strategy. When you set up your email campaign, you’re able to turn on the automated win-back feature, which, if the email is not opened, will resend your email five days after the original delivery date. If the email is not opened, a reminder will be sent seven days before the coupon expires.

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