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Square Marketing is part of our full suite of products that are focused on growing your business and helping you keep in touch with your clients: Gift Cards, Loyalty, Directory and Feedback.

Square Marketing helps you connect with your customers with customized email promotions and announcements about your business. Campaigns can be sent to your Reachable Customers, which are the people in your directory that you can contact by email. This list combines customers you may have imported or added that have email addresses, profiles created via Email Collection Tools, and customers Square has added for you based on their engagement with your business (customers who have elected to receive emailed receipts from you or all businesses on Square).

Square Marketing subscriptions are based on the number of reachable customers in your Customer Directory.

Number of Reachable Customers Monthly Cost
Up to 500 $15
501 - 1,000 $25
1,001 - 2,000 $35

View further Square Marketing pricing tiers.

Create an Email Marketing Campaign

  1. Visit Marketing in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Create Campaign and select whether you’d like to send an Email, Facebook or Receipt campaign.
  3. Select your campaign objective. If you’re sending an email, you can choose a one time blast campaign, or set up an ongoing automated campaign. In case you choose to send a Facebook campaign, you’ll be able to choose between different types of one time campaigns.
  4. If your business has Multiple Locations, you can select a specific location. This will a) determine which address shows up at the bottom of your emails and b) limit where the Coupon can be redeemed. Note: If you want your Coupon to be redeemable at all locations, you need to leave the default All Locations selection.
  5. Select a pre-existing template from the theme library, or simply use the default template
    customize the email template to fit your marketing goal.
    Note: If you’re including a Coupon, be sure to include an offer amount and expiration date. Coupons can’t be used with your online store.
  6. Customize your Square Marketing template including default campaign colors, layout, global styles for a campaign, font size, button size, email header styles, and more. You can also add images, new text fields, and Items from your library, and re-order these blocks of content so the email matches exactly what you’re looking for. With Square Marketing you have access to a searchable image gallery with over 850,000 free stock photos.
  7. Select your recipients by adding your preferred customer group(s). Learn more about your customer directory and Smart Groups.
  8. Select your campaign payment method: pay-as-you-go (which costs $0.10 per email sent) or the monthly subscription option that allows you to send unlimited emails. To start, you can try out the product with a 30 day free trial.
  9. Review your campaign > click Schedule or Send Now. Learn more about scheduling marketing campaigns.

Reminder Emails

When creating a blast (one-time) campaign with Square Marketing, the option to send a reminder email to recipients who haven’t opened your message is disabled by default. If you wish to send reminder emails, this setting can be switched on from the Review & Send step of the campaign creation process.

Reminder emails are sent 5 days after the original delivery date. Campaigns with coupons or discounts are also resent to those who haven’t opened your message 7 days before the coupon is set to expire. By default, a coupon expires 2 months after the campaign is sent, unless you’ve set it to expire on a different date.

Note: Reminder emails can’t be disabled once the campaign has been sent.

Schedule Marketing Campaigns

With the Campaign Scheduler you can draft your marketing campaigns ahead of time, so they’ll be sent automatically even if you’re busy with other tasks. Click Schedule at the end of the campaign preparation flow to assign a date and time for your next promotion.

Schedule Recurring Marketing Campaigns

Set up recurring blast campaigns to automatically send weekly or monthly coupons, reminders, and invitations.

  1. Visit Marketing in your online Square Dashboard > click Create Campaign.
  2. Select a blast campaign, create a custom design, and select your audience.
  3. From the Review & Send screen, click Schedule in the upper-right corner.
  4. Set when you’d like to start sending the campaign > enable Repeat this campaign option.
  5. Select if you’d like this recurring campaign on indefinitely, sent a specific number of times, or have it send for one last time on a specific date.

Marketing - Design Campaign - Dash - US

Note: Recurring campaigns can’t be used with seasonal themes.

Marketing Permissions

You are able to assign a designated employee(s) to send and manage Square Marketing campaigns. To do so:

  1. Log in to the Permissions section of your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Tap on Create Permission Set > Enter the permission set name.
  3. Toggle on Marketing > Continue.
  4. Select the access points the team member can use their permissions at.
  5. Save.

Share Promotions via Digital Receipts

When creating a coupon campaign with Square Marketing, you have the option to include the coupon on your digital receipts. This way, customers who aren’t subscribed to your mailing list can take advantage of the promotion.

To include your coupon in your digital receipts:

  1. Click Create Campaign from the Marketing tab of your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Select Receipt and enter your campaign name > Continue.
  3. Customize your campaign’s theme, edit coupon details, and add content > Continue.
  4. Finish reviewing your campaign > Schedule or Send Now.

If you’re subscribed to Square Marketing, you have access to unlimited monthly emails at no additional cost and will skip the payment entry window.

When a customer receives your marketing email and is ready to make a purchase, you can apply their reward at checkout. Each code is unique and cannot be used more than once. Learn more applying rewards at checkout.

Managing Your Reachable Customers

To manage the number of reachable customers in your directory, you can do the following:

  1. Visit your Customer Directory and first fix any duplicate contacts that may exist by clicking Resolve Duplicates.

  2. Configure the Reachable definition to customers who visit either once, or twice, within a 12-month period. By default it is set to one visit in a 12-month period, but if you want to be more conservative you can make this change. To do so, click “Reachable” group in the left navigation, then Action > Edit.
  3. Review your directory for any old, empty or unused customer records, and delete them.
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