What is a Mounted POS and How Does it Work?

What is a Mounted POS and How Does it Work?
Here are the benefits of a wall-mounted POS and what could make it a fit for your business.
by Austin Tedesco May 20, 2022 — 2 min read
What is a Mounted POS and How Does it Work?

Looking for a point-of-sale solution that declutters your counter and makes checkouts more efficient? A mounted POS might be the right answer for your business.

Your point-of-sale system includes both the hardware and software that enable your business to make sales. Here are the benefits of a wall-mounted POS and what could make it a fit for you.

What is a mounted POS and is it right for your business?

A mounted POS is a point-of-sale solution that is installed fixed in place to various surfaces, such as walls, countertops or standing pedestals.

There are many types of point-of-sale options for businesses, from online checkout software to physical registers with multiple displays.

A mounted POS is a good fit for businesses with itemized checkouts or service check-ins looking to save space or offer customer-facing options, including:

What are the benefits of a mounted POS?

Free up space to run your business

One of the primary benefits of a mounted POS is that installing your POS in a fixed position can save important counter space for your products, your staff and your overall operations. Square’s new Stand Mount lets you put your POS anywhere — on the wall, flat on the counter or fixed to a standing pedestal. With multiple configurations available, you can customize the set up for your unique space, while easily connecting accessories such as a printer or bar code scanner.

The additional space can help you and your staff as well as your customer experience. The flexibility that comes with mounting your POS to more locations gives you more options to provide a smooth customer journey in your space and facilitate the flow of any crowds that may form.

Make checkout more efficient

A mounted POS can be operated by just your staff or be set up as a kiosk for customers. With a staff-only approach, your team can process sales from a fixed location without worrying about extra wires or connected pieces of hardware.

With a kiosk approach, you can let customers handle ordering and paying themselves, freeing up time for you and your team. You can find Square’s kiosk software partners here.

Comfort and security

For some businesses, having a POS locked and secured in one place can simplify operations. You won’t have to worry about clutter across your location or disconnecting wires as team members adjust a mobile POS to their preferences.

Stand Mount is also easy to install in minutes — just add your iPad, download Square POS software, and start selling.

Austin Tedesco
Austin Tedesco is an editor at Square covering all things management — from the technical aspects of payroll and taxes to the soft skills that lead to strong teams for any business.


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