Holiday Marketing: 26 Things Not to Forget

Holiday marketing ebook - 26 top marketing tips

Black Friday is in less than two weeks, which means you’re about to get busy. Well, that’s if you do your holiday marketing right. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and general holiday shopping online will increase up to 19 percent from last year, which means there’s a huge sales opportunity on the table. You just have to figure out how to cut through the noise. We partnered with the marketing gurus over at Hubspot to create an ebook that helps you do just that.

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The Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas A–Z guide outlines 26 key tactics for killer holiday marketing this year. Here’s what it covers:

  • Analyzing, optimizing, and tweaking content you already have to make a bigger impact over the holiday season

  • Utilizing your customers to generate more business near the end of the year

  • Increasing holiday sales while ensuring ROI on your campaigns

  • Examples and resources to help you put together great holiday offers

Put these tips into action, and this could be your biggest holiday sales year yet.

Download the “Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas A–Z” ebook here.

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