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Get Started with Square Timecards

If you’re using Team Management or Square’s Payroll services, you can keep track of the hours your team members work with Square Timecards. Your team members can also view or print their workday summaries directly from the point of sale.

With Square Timecard reports, you’ll save time calculating team member hours and running payroll with automatic overtime and double-time calculations that are easily exported to Square Payroll or your computer as a .CSV file. Once you’ve set up your team member timecards, you can view your timecard reports right from your online Square Dashboard.

Set Your Work Period

Setting a Work Period enables Square Timecards to report and calculate overtime based on your business’ operations. If your team members are typically clocked in past midnight, set your start of workday to at least an hour past the end of the closing shift. For example, if you’re operating a bar that closes at 2 a.m. and team members leave at 3 a.m., make start of workday 4 a.m. in case of overtime and to ensure their shifts can be viewed in the same work day.

  1. Visit Timecards in your online Square Dashboard > Settings > Work Period.
  2. Set your start of Workweek and Workday.
  3. Click Save.

Review and Set Your Overtime and Breaks

Overtime settings are automatically associated with your state based on your location. You can confirm your location(s) by visiting Account & Settings in your online Square Dashboard.

If your team members are working multiple jobs at different wages, overtime will be calculated using the weighted average of the total normal earnings divided by total hours worked.

Set Overtime Rules

  1. Log into Timecards in your online Square Dashboard > Settings.
  2. Under Overtime & Breaks, set a daily, weekly, and doubletime limit. Make sure to review your state’s overtime rules.
  3. Save.

Set Up Break Tracking

  1. Log into Timecards in your online Square Dashboard > Settings > Break Settings.
  2. Click Add new break to add your first break.
  3. Add a name, duration, and select the compensation setting (paid or unpaid) for the break.
  4. Click Save to confirm the break settings.
  5. Add up to 3 breaks in total for each of your locations.

Break Tracking

Turn on Timecard Tracking

Once your permissions, team member profiles, and timecard settings are all set up, it’s time to enable break tracking in the Square app.

Log into the Square app and visit Settings > Time Tracking > toggle Time Tracking on.

If you’ve paired a device to a specific location using device codes, you’ll need to make sure your team members have permission to work at that location. To check, go to Team in your online Square Dashboard, select the team member name to make sure the correct locations are selected under Permissions.

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