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  • How many team members can I have and still use the free plan?

    Square Shifts is free for up to five team members. If your team is larger or if you need advanced scheduling, time and attendance, wages, and tip management, Shifts Plus is free for 30 days. After that it starts at $4 per team member, and the cost adjusts with your team size.

  • What makes Square Shifts great?

    Square Shifts integrates directly with Square Point of Sale and Square Payroll. This unified ecosystem fosters harmony in your workplace with easier access and simplified daily tasks. Whether you build a schedule or your team swaps shifts, everyone saves time.

  • When can I change my plan?

    Plans are not prorated, so you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time and only pay your current subscription through the end of the month.

  • Can I use Square Shifts for contractor and employee time tracking?

    Yes. Square Shifts accommodates both W-2 employees and 1099 contractors. Thanks to its integration with Square Payroll, it simplifies payday prep so you can employ your dream team without spending extra time doing payroll calculations yourself.

  • How does Square Shifts make payroll easier?

    Square Shifts integrates with Square Payroll, syncing timecards, tips, and commissions, so you get spreadsheet-free pay runs. If you use a third-party payroll provider, simply export the numbers from Square Shifts. In the meantime, your team gets to see their tips, commissions, and pay stubs in the Square Team App.

  • How can Square Shifts save me money?

    Square Shifts helps you understand how your business is doing by providing real-time attendance, shift, and sales reports. You can use these numbers to optimize labor costs and fine-tune staffing for every day of the week.

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Integrate with Square Payroll or export to a third-party payroll provider to make payday a breeze.

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