If you’re using Employee Management, you can keep track of the hours your employees work with Square Timecards. With Square Timecard Reports, you’ll save time calculating employee hours and running payroll with automatic overtime and double-time calculations that are easily exported as a .csv file. Once you’ve set up your employee timecards, you can view your timecard reports right from your Square Dashboard.

Set Up and Review Your Overtime Settings

Overtime settings are automatically associated with the state based on your location. You can confirm your location(s) by visiting Accounts and Settings in your the online Dashboard.

Review Settings and Set Your Work Period:

  1. Sign in to your online Square Dashboard and click Timecards > Settings.
  2. Review the overtime settings for your location(s).
  3. Click Work Period to set your start of work week and start of work day.
  4. Click Save.

Timecard Reporting


To view your Timecards Report:

Visit Timecards > Reports in your online Square Dashboard.

Timecard reports display a summary of hours for each of your employees for the date range you’ve selected. The overtime and double-time columns only appear in the report when at least one employee has reached overtime or double time.

The total hours for employees who have overtime or double-time hours associated with them appears in red.


To view your Timecards Activity page, visit Timecards > Activity.

The Timecards Activity page displays a breakdown of individual timecards for employees. A green dot appears next to open timecards.

Edit Employee Timecards

To edit an employee’s timecard from your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Click Timecards > Activity. Adjust the report filters to find the timecard you would like to edit.
  2. Locate the timecard and click Edit.
  3. Adjust the clock in/out time or date.
  4. Click Save.

Export Timecard Reports

To export your timecard or activity report:

  1. Visit Timecards
  2. Click Reports or Activity, depending on the level of detail you require.
  3. Click Export to download your Timecard Report as a CSV file.