Square Capital

Simple access to funds for growing your business.


Use Square Capital to increase inventory, buy equipment, or open a new location.


Square Capital funds can be deposited into your bank account as soon as the next business day.


Make payments to Square automatically as a fixed percentage of your daily card sales.


Payment is tied directly to your card sales. You pay more when business is strong and less if things slow down.

How it Works


Square Capital eligibility is based on your processing volume and your Square history.

Square merchants who are eligible

If you’re eligible, you’ll see the Square Capital page with a “View Your Options” link in your dashboard. We will also send you an invitation email to the address associated with your Square account.

Square merchants who are not currently eligible

If you’re not currently eligible, business financing through Square Capital may become available as you run and grow your business with Square.

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If your revenues are over $250K per year, talk to our sales team to learn more about how Square works for growing businesses.

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Business financing with Square Capital

To understand how Square Capital works, here’s an example. Let’s say you accept an offer for $10,000, the breakdown might be as follows:

  • Amount Square deposits in your bank account: $10,000
  • Total future payment card receivables due to Square: $11,000
  • Percentage of daily card sales that go towards receivables payment: 10%

The amount you owe never changes, regardless of how long it takes to pay Square.

Square Capital is currently only supported in English.


In a survey of our customers, 85% are extremely likely to recommend Square Capital.

Finally a streamlined process that isn’t loaded with fees.

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