How Square Helped Atelier Photolix Turn a Photography Passion into a Buzzy Multi-Location Business

Brought up in a family of photography lovers, Florian Le Goff went on to become the owner of Atelier Photolix and Papier Filtre. Square helps Le Goff stay organized, seamlessly managing the sales and inventory of over 500 film and print supply items across both locations.
Apr 18, 2024 — 1 min read



Florian Le Goff is the owner of Atelier Photolix and Papier Filtre, two photography and printing businesses in the heart of Lille, France. 


Florian Le Goff: My first memory was my grandfather giving me an old German camera and loading a film into it. It was a magical experience. The noise, the contact, the lever. You could hear the film going around in the camera.

My name is Florian Le Goff and I created the Photolix and Papier Filtre stores in Lille, in the north of France, two stores that supply beginner and professional photographers. Everything is done on site in both stores. It's a very big commitment that I made when creating these two businesses. In the city center we have the whole laboratory, which is quite rare these days. All the work is carried out on our premises. We spend a lot of time at the counter explaining how film photography works and anyone who comes into the store will be able to talk to an enthusiast,

One of the particularities of Atelier Photolix is that we sell more than 56 film items. And, if you take all the sizes, that's more than 550 items. So it's quite complex to manage in a small store like ours.

I really integrated Square into the management of these two stores. It allows us to synchronize stocks between the two stores. And to monitor and manage the business remotely using the Dashboard system. So, before we used the Square Stand, we had payments software on the iPad and a credit card terminal next to it. Which meant there were cables everywhere and it took up a huge amount of space.

With Square Stand, there are no more cable issues. There are no more problems with clutter or finding sockets. Everything is together. So I finalize my sale, I turn the Square Stand and it is the customer who finalizes it directly on the device. It's really very effective.

Customers are very surprised because, when the Square Stand is turned, it is the first time that they have been asked to finalize the payment themselves. But once they understand that they are involved in the payment and that they can choose certain options, such as receiving receipts by email or text message, they are soon won over. So, as a business manager, it gives me confidence and I can't wait to see what's next.

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