Managing Bulk Discounts Just Got Easier

Managing Bulk Discounts Just Got Easier
One of the big pain points of managing your wholesale business is invoicing - especially around applying discounts for the items you're selling wholesale. The new Discounts feature in Square Invoices just made things easier.
by Square Aug 26, 2015 — 1 min read
Managing Bulk Discounts Just Got Easier

A thriving wholesale business is a beautiful thing. Not only does it mean you have a regular, steady source of sales, it’s also a great way to expose your product to different audiences — whether it’s through a large online retailer or another neighborhood shop.

But managing your wholesale business can often seem like a full-time job. There’s all the back-and-forth communication, as well as your own logistics of selling products in bulk.

One of the big pain points here is invoicing — especially around applying discounts for the items you’re selling wholesale. Having multiple listings in your system for the same item (one for the bulk price and one for the standardized price for your brick-and-mortar shop) can get tangled pretty quickly.

The new Discounts feature in Square Invoices is designed to streamline this process. Now you just need to add one entry in your Dashboard per item you sell, and then you can quickly apply a discount when you’re adding the item to an invoice. You can choose to discount by either a percentage or a dollar amount — and can also customize the pricing for special circumstances.

What’s more, you can now see your wholesale sales alongside your in-person sales in Square Dashboard. That means you can get a picture of how all aspects of your business are doing at a glance. You can also filter by which invoices have been paid versus those that are outstanding, which lets you quickly follow up with people who may need a nudge.

Etta + Billie, which sells handcrafted bath and body products and counts West Elm among its wholesale accounts, estimates that it routes nearly 50 percent of its business through Square Invoices. “I love the simplicity and ease of use,” says owner Alana Rivera. “I duplicate a lot of invoices and just change what I need to change, so I don’t have to do a lot of reentering.”

She also loves that all her business information — whether it’s related to wholesale or her retail location — is all readily available right in her Square Dashboard. “I utilize a bunch of Square products, like Register, Payroll, Invoices, Dashboard. And it’s great to just see them all in one place.”

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