Best eCommerce Website Designs

Best eCommerce Website Designs
eCommerce is on the rise — and your business will benefit from joining in. Here's some of our favorite eCommerce website designs to get you started.
by Square Oct 13, 2012 — 3 min read
Best eCommerce Website Designs

But you can’t just put your products online. As at a brick-and-mortar location, your goods should be showcased in a way that makes them attractive to buyers. A beautifully designed website can increase sales and establish credibility — that’s why some businesses that invested in well-designed websites this year saw the benefits in their bottom line.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 great eCommerce website designs to give you inspiration for the year ahead.

Di Bruno

Di Bruno, a fine food purveyor, lets its product sell itself. The stunning photography instantly causes customers to start salivating over some cheddar cheese. While the lifelike photos are the centerpiece of the site, the navigation is simple, intuitive, and has you saying “more cheese, please!”

Takeaway: Put your product front and center.

Pencil by 53

This seamless website puts the “stylus for everyone” on full display. Pencil 53 is the stylus for any touchscreen tablet. As you scroll through the site, the parts of the stylus come apart, so you can see what’s inside. Scroll again, and the pencil reassembles.

Takeaway: Show your product in action. 

Paul Valentine

Paul Valentine’s site opens to a ticking watch and displays its most popular watches without anything to click. After staring at the glistening rose gold, it’s time to scroll. Scrolling down highlights the other products available. If you do click a product, the product page has one simple button: “add to bag.” It requires only a few more scrolls to get the product details.

Takeaway: Make shopping simple.


Feed yourself and a child on this warm-colored food website. Kutoa showcases its brand’s values front and center. If you buy a bar, you feed a child. The drop-down menus allow you to choose your product and read more about the brand’s cause. Photography pops to show the details of what the product is made of and the children you will be helping.

Takeaway: Tell your story.

Au Lit Fine Linens

This linens and bedding company lets you shop by thread count on a lovely towel hanger that displays each product, allowing you to click from lowest to highest. The colors are subdued, which creates a relaxing feel, inspiring you to get ready for sleep.
Takeaway: Think through the experience of shopping for your products.

JM & Sons

The simple design of this eCommerce site showcases the simple and stunning design of the products. JM & Sons sells everything from coffee stands to desks and seats, all made from natural materials. The product pages display only photos until you scroll over them or click. The white background allows the product photos, which contain metal and natural wood, to really pop.

Takeaway: Make effective use of white space.


Tessemae’s sells organic and Whole30-approved salad dressings and sauces. When you open the site, you can see some of the organic BBQ sauce splashed against the homepage and oozing over some red meat. The colors used to feature the foods are bright and make the sight pop, while adding an ounce of fun.

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to use color.


Upon entering Bouguessa’s site, you can feel the luxury splashed across the homepage. The ready-to-wear fashion site minimizes the navigation tools to allow photos to sell their products. If you do click “shop,” a simple black-and-white prompt asks what you’re looking for and from what collection. It then sorts the products by just photo and name. The black-and-white design allows the bright red shirts and long dresses to stand out. When you click the product, the site returns to a more classic navigation and purchasing page.

Takeaway: Let your design speak for your brand.


The open road and adventures await if you purchase a Someone product. Upon entering the site for this trendy sneaker and travel accessory brand, you see more of what you’ll do with the product than you do the product itself. You instantly get an outdoorsy vibe. The product pages display cutouts of the products, with no words or descriptions, against a white background.

Takeaway: Use design to showcase the lifestyle of your target consumer.


Living your best life in reality and on social media requires excellent photos. Fotonaut transforms you into a professional photographer and creates beautiful party photos. The yellow, black, and white site feels reminiscent of classic photography and cameras. This all-in-one photo booth is displayed throughout the site’s design and helps familiarize the customer with an unknown product.

Takeaway: Stick to your message.

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