A Simple Way to Provide Amazing Customer Service

A Simple Way to Provide Amazing Customer Service
Cutting down lines with faster payments can pay out big for your small business.
by Square Dec 14, 2016 — 1 min read
A Simple Way to Provide Amazing Customer Service

Simply offering a top-notch product doesn’t guarantee you success. Eighty-six percent of consumers hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative online reviews, so you need to provide a stellar customer experience to stay competitive. That takes consistent work — a well-trained and gracious staff, a tidy and aesthetically pleasing space, and perhaps most importantly, a fast checkout experience.

In our recent survey, customers ranked slow lines as their number one frustration when shopping in stores. And as we head into the busy holiday season, this pain point becomes even more acute. So if you want to make (and keep) customers happy, addressing this should be a top priority. Luckily, it’s simple. Just get a faster point of sale (POS).

Now that most everyone has chip cards (which are far more secure than magstripe cards), you’ve probably noticed that they take a while to process — which can be a total drag when you’re trying to speed through your line.

Many chip card readers take between 8 and 13 seconds to complete a transaction. But the Square Reader for contactless and chip clocks in at just 4.2 seconds, a noticeable time-shave when people are in a rush.

Even faster on Square’s reader are mobile payments (like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay). They’re quicker than magstripe and chip card transactions, and way faster than cash.

Contactless payments are also the most convenient (no need for customers to take out their wallet, and their phone might already be in their hand) and secure payment method out there. In fact, people who use mobile payments cite it as their ideal method of payment, above credit cards.

Offering customers the option to pay with their mobile devices has another benefit: It could make you more money. Consumers who use contactless payments report a tendency to seek out businesses that accept the technology. They also say they’re likely to spend and tip more once they get there.

A speedy POS with cutting-edge technology can help solve slow lines at your store, a main complaint among consumers. And accepting super-quick payment methods like Apple Pay further heightens the wow factor — and could perhaps get you even more five-star Yelp reviews this holiday season.

Square Reader for contactless and chip takes just minutes to set up.

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