Kyra's Bake Shop — “Cupcake Wars” Winner Uses Square to Help Double Online Sales

“Cupcake Wars” Winner Uses Square to Help Double Online Sales
"Cupcake Wars" winner Kyra Bussanich uses Square tools to grow her online sales and help operate her business. Here's how.
Apr 29, 2024 — 2 min read
“Cupcake Wars” Winner Uses Square to Help Double Online Sales

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Kyra Bussanich, owner of Kyra’s Bake Shop, is dispelling the myth that gluten-free baked items can’t taste great. The only four-time winner of the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars,” Bussanich offers an array of gluten-free treats at Kyra’s Bake Shop in Lake Oswego, Oregon.


Increase in Kyra’s Bake Shop sales using Square Online

Although her “Cupcake Wars” wins prompted an expansion to a brick-and-mortar shop, success also added new challenges. She struggled with her payment processor and clunky hardware. She wanted more tool integrations and an affordable option for payroll as her team grew. She also needed an online solution to accommodate her expanded fan base, which had grown from appearing on national TV. 

She found the solutions she was looking for when she became an early adopter of Square Point of Sale in 2011. Over the years, she’s added features to manage labor, payroll, inventory, and pricing all in one place. “It’s a one-stop shop, and it’s very cost-effective,” said Bussanich. “We used to pay twice as much for payroll; we’ve saved quite a chunk of change with all the integrated apps and features.” 


Decrease in payroll costs using Square Payroll

With all the information shared on the same platform, she also saves time. Updating seasonal offerings, sending out automatic reminders about loyalty programs, and keeping track of peak sales times to allocate labor hours are just a few tasks Bussanich now accomplishes more quickly using Square tools.

Using Square Online to expand her bakery’s reach and boost holiday sales

For Bussanich, having a website that integrates with inventory and provides a sales channel for preorders has been hugely helpful, especially around holidays. “Our sales numbers have doubled since we switched to Square Online,” Bussanich says. Customers can also request customized baked goods or past favorites on the site, so they’re not limited to what’s in the store that day.

The website facilitates pickup, delivery, and catering orders, all contributing to growing online sales. It also expands the bakery’s reach. “I can pull people from a larger radius versus just in-store,” said Bussanich. “We can put in search-engine-optimized words so that we come up first when somebody is searching for the best gluten-free cake in the Portland area.” 

I am not a web designer. I am an entrepreneur and a pastry chef, and Square Online is so easy to use, functional, and design-forward. ”

Kyra Bussanich owner of Kyra's Bake Shop

Another bonus? No tech experience is required for the site. “I can just drag in photos and write the copy; I hit publish, and it’s done. I don’t need to know how to code. With the different layouts, everything is already arranged and looks pretty.”

Customizable, easy-to-use features that make the customer experience seamless

For Bussanich, style counts. She customizes her Square Online website with the same colors, designs, and themes displayed in store, providing a seamless experience for guests. 

“When customers come into the store and experience this magical wonderland with purple walls,
all of this is also echoed on our website,” she said. Plus, the ability to easily embed videos, such as clips from “Cupcake Wars,” helps her bring her brand’s whimsical and luxe identity to life online, and the scrolling carousel on the homepage allows her to showcase available goodies.

“I like to say tasting is believing. But when something looks beautiful, it prompts someone to want to taste it. And that’s what drives sales for us,” said Bussanich. “It’s very business-friendly as far as setup for drawing in customers and selling, which is ultimately the goal.”


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