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How Dandies Barber & Beard Stylist Used Square Appointments to Achieve a 400% Surge in Sales

How Dandies Barber & Beard Stylist Used Square Appointments to Achieve a 400% Surge in Sales
How this community-oriented barber shop used Square Appointments to scale, expand to new locations, and rapidly increase sales.
by Square Feb 01, 2024 — 4 min read
How Dandies Barber & Beard Stylist Used Square Appointments to Achieve a 400% Surge in Sales

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Money Singh grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. His earliest memories are of stealing candy from behind the counter of his father’s shop as a child in Punjab, India. After immigrating to the U.S., Singh helped his mother realize her lifelong dream of opening her own brick-and-mortar salon.

Inspired by this experience and a lifetime of meticulous care for his own beard, Singh founded Dandies Barber & Beard Stylist right next door to his mother’s salon a few years later. As the only Sikh-owned barbershop in California, Dandies Barber quickly became synonymous with top-tier all-gender barbering services and a deep commitment to its community.

The search for a booking and payments platform that puts the customer first 

Dandies Barber steadfastly maintains its commitment to reflecting Sikh values in every aspect of the customer experience, from the quality of its services to the scheduling of appointments. These same values of service to the community drove Singh throughout his search for the perfect booking and payment solution.

As Singh prioritized ease of use for both his clients and his staff in a booking and payment platform, Square was the first company on his list. Singh is a long-time Square user, first adopting the platform as a mobile payments solution for his taxi business in 2009 and even investing in the first shares of publicly traded SQ stock. While Singh evaluated a number of solutions as he prepared to open Dandies Barber, Square remained his top choice because he believed it offered the best experience for Dandies customers and staff.

“I wanted to pick a platform that is easy for my staff and customers to use, not just me,” said Singh. “If a platform isn’t user-friendly, a business’s staff and customers won’t use it.”

Saving time and maintaining the customer experience with Square Appointments

At Dandies Barber, the customer experience begins with an online booking through Square Appointments for 80% of clients. 

The Square AI-powered messaging assistant takes on the task of handling cancellations and reschedules, eliminating the need for Singh and his staff to manually manage scheduling and booking changes. The result? A substantial amount of time is saved each month, which Singh reinvests into fostering partnerships with other local businesses in the community. 

With Square Appointments I’m able to save 150 hours per month, which I can redirect toward customer service, operational management, and growth. ”

Money Singh owner and founder, Dandies Barber & Beard Stylist

New staff are able to get up to speed quickly and manage their schedules independently, directly from their phones, with the Square Appointments mobile app. Team members are able to block off time for breaks and station sanitation, ensuring that they align with Dandies’ cleanliness standards.

To protect his staff and their time, Dandies leverages Square Appointments to enforce no-show and cancellation policies by collecting payment information upfront upon booking.

Investing in continuous expansion and growth with the Square ecosystem

Dandies Barber has increased sales by 400% since opening, thanks to its commitment to customer service, quality, cleanliness, and the support of the Square ecosystem. To accommodate the additional demand, Dandies has expanded into the three locations adjacent to its shop, with plans to take over a fourth. 

Dandies has also scaled its staff from a single barber to a team of 25. They’ve spun up a barbering school and employed an in-house barbering instructor to ensure their team continuously hones their skills and invests in growth year-round.

Dandies has also found a valuable partner in Square, with the platform consistently meeting the business’s needs as they’ve grown. Square provides Dandies with flexible permissions, staff management tools, and detailed reporting, which has allowed Singh and his team to efficiently track client retention, reviews, and staff productivity on an individual basis, ensuring the business maintains its high-quality service standards.

Square’s exceptional speed and user-friendly interface distinguishes it from the competition. It’s the best platform I’ve seen in the industry thus far. ”

Money Singh owner and founder, Dandies Barber & Beard Stylist

Reporting tools help Singh set his marketing strategy and determine which demographics and services to prioritize in order to increase bookings. He leverages these insights to plan for staffing and project sales based on daily, weekly, monthly, and annual business performance.

Singh has also harnessed Square integrated Banking and Payments solutions to invest in his barbers and shape the future of his business. With the help of Square Savings, Singh automatically deposits a percentage of his sales revenue into designated folders for expenses, rent, marketing, community investments, and operations. Singh is committed to reinvesting in his team, allocating one particular Square Savings folder to fund promotional opportunities and sponsorships for barber school.

Dandies’ commitment to its values, combined with the efficiency of Square Appointments, has solidified its position as one of the fastest-growing community-oriented barbershops in Silicon Valley.



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