Square Point of Sale is our free point-of-sale app that provides a fast and easy experience for cashiers and business owners to check out customers and manage their business. The user interface has recently gone through a few key upgrades to streamline the checkout process and make day-to-day tasks easier to manage.

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What’s new?

Here are the top updates to know about the redesigned Square Point of Sale.

Streamlined checkouts

The modernized look and feel allows you to seamlessly switch between Keypad, Item Library and customized Favorites tabs to find what you need – fast.

  • Get a consistent checkout experience across all of your POS devices.
  • Quickly access your item library via a customizable item screen.
  • Prompt members of your loyalty program to redeem rewards and more.

Easier navigation

The new navigation bar at the bottom of your screen houses simple tabs to declutter your POS and make it easy to navigate during busy business hours or when you’re on-the-go.

  • Use the tabs at the bottom of your POS screen to quickly access your most-used tools.
  • Customize your navigation bar with SPOS features like Orders, Square Invoices, or Reports.

Mobile item grid

Customize the items you see on your checkout screen to make it easier to find products and services.    

  • Save favorites on a custom item grid on your mobile device to easily find common items.
  • Add categories, gift cards, and discounts.

To learn more about all the updates to the Square Point of Sale app, check out our support article.

New updates for Square Point of Sale