Independent referrals

Refer businesses you know to Square.

Turn your connections into cash and earn up to $1,0001 when people you know start to sell with Square.

How it works

Create a referrer account to receive your unique referrer link or log in if you already have one.

Copy and paste your referrer link from your dashboard and send it to your connections who aren’t on Square yet.

Make sure your referrals sign up for Square via your link.

That’s it! You can track your progress easily, and any commissions will go to your bank account once provided — no extra work needed. Each successful referral will be eligible for $75–$1,000* in total commissions.

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  • How do I sign up for the Square referral program?

    To sign up, visit this page and create an account to receive your unique referral link.

  • Is this login separate from my Square Dashboard login?

    Yes. Your referrer login is tied to you as an individual and not to your business. You will need to log in separately to the referral platform.

  • How do I refer another business to Square?

    Simply use the sign-up link above to create a referrer account, find and copy your unique referral link in your referral dashboard, and send the link to the person you’d like to refer to Square. The referee must be a new Square customer and must sign up using your link in order for the referral to be eligible for commission.

  • How can I make sure I am awarded my commission for successfully referring someone?

    In order to receive your referral commission, please ensure that your referee signs up using your unique referral link. Once the referee is confirmed as a new Square seller and starts to process with Square, you may become eligible for your referral commission. See our terms and conditions for more details.

    Some exceptions apply, including referees who: are a current or previous customer, who violate Square Terms of Service, or who already have an active selling opportunity open with the Square Sales team.

  • What do I receive if I refer another business to Square?

    Referrers (the person recommending Square to another business) may be eligible for commissions ranging from $75 to $1,000 USD. The amount you will receive for your referral depends on:

    • The annual revenues expected from the referee’s business
    • Whether the referee becomes a Square active seller by signing up and processing payments with Square
    • Where the referee’s business is located

    For referring business located within the United States, you may be eligible for:

    • $75 when they sign up online and begin to process payments with Square
    • $100 when their projected annual revenues are $250,000 or more and they are contacted by the Square Sales team
    • $900 when they begin to process payments after working with the Square Sales team to sign up

    See our terms and conditions for more details on our referrer commission structure.

  • What does my referee get for signing up via my referral link?

    Referees (the business receiving the recommendation to try Square) may be eligible for a variety of personalized offers, including custom processing fee rates, free or discounted hardware, and more.

  • How do I know whether I’m eligible for a referral commission?

    Referrers can monitor the status of their referrals and commissions in real time in their referral dashboard.

  • Where/how will my referral commission be paid out?

    Once you’re eligible for commission, you will be prompted by the referral platform to provide your bank account information. Your cash payout will be sent to the bank account you’ve added via Electronic Funds Transfer in the currency of your choice from the available options offered by the referral platform.

  • Why have I not received my referral commission payout?

    You will see your eligible commissions in your referral dashboard within approximately two business days of the successful referee action. Referral commission payout (fulfillment) should be available within 90 days

¹Terms and conditions apply. Read more here.