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Square Reader

Accept payment cards anywhere.

There are two generations of Square Reader: Square Reader (2nd generation) and Square Reader (1st generation). Please note Square Reader (1st generation) is no longer for sale.

Learn more about the different generations of Square Reader.

Apple iOS compatibility

Square Reader is compatible with iOS devices that are:

Check if your device is supported from Square’s Device Compatibility page.

If you’re using Square Stand, you can connect the Square Reader via the USB accessory hub to accept contactless and chip card payments. Mobile devices not connected to Square Stand will connect wirelessly via BLE with the Square Reader.

  • If all three USB ports on the hub are occupied by other hardware, you’ll need to free up a port to plug in the Square Reader, as Square hardware doesn’t support third-party USB splitters.

  • Some iPads do not support iOS 15 and the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. We recommend upgrading your hardware to get the most out of the Square app. If you are using iOS 14 or earlier, you will not be able to wirelessly connect with the Square Reader.

Google Android compatibility

Square Reader is supported on most Android devices that:

  • Run Android 7 or higher.

  • Run an updated version of the Square app: Version 5 or higher for Android. Learn how to update your Square app.

  • Have built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Note: Samsung Galaxy S9 is not compatible with Square Reader (2nd generation) due to its discontinued status with Samsung.

Check if your device is supported from Square’s Device Compatibility page.

We can’t guarantee support with all Android devices at the moment, but we’re working to support as many as possible. If your device isn’t currently on this list, there’s a chance it will be supported in the future.

You can also view the list of supported devices.

Learn more about: Contactless and Chip Reader

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