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Square Hardware
Stand for contactless and chip
Stand for Magstripe
Reader for contactless and chip
Reader for magstripe (with headset jack)
Reader for magstripe (with Lightning connector)
Accepted Payments
EMV chip cards - --
Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. - --
Technical Specifications
Portable ---
PowerBattery or wall outletRequires wall outletRequires wall outletiPad battery or wall outletBattery or power by optional dockNo power requiredNo power required
ConnectionWi-Fi or EthernetWi-Fi or EthernetiPad with Lightning connectoriPad with Lightning connectorBluetooth LE or USB for Square StandHeadset jackLightning connector
Purchasing Options
$399 or $37/mo for 12 months*
$999 or $49/mo for 24 months*
FREE for your first reader
FREE for your first reader