Support Voter Registration with Square Receipts

Square’s digital receipts aren’t just your basic, no-frills receipts. Instead, we’ve turned receipts into a powerful tool that allows customers to engage with you and your business. They can be customized with a business logo, social media links, custom promotions, streamlined feedback, and more.

And now, with election season in full swing, we’re even making it easy for sellers to support voter registration through Square receipts. According to Statistic Brain, there are 72 million Americans who are eligible to vote but aren’t registered.

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Sellers who are using Square can enable a banner in their emailed receipts that encourages customers to register to vote in the upcoming election. Once enabled, customers will be directed to, which provides voter registration information and resources.

Once the election is over, the banner will automatically disappear.

Getting started is as simple as updating your receipt settings. Plus, check out more of Square’s best new features.