These Square Sellers Kill it on Pinterest

So, you should probably be on Pinterest — especially if what you’re doing is highly visual. It’s second only to Facebook in driving traffic to websites.

The platform is all about the photo quality, so you’ll want to post lush images that people to want pin onto their own boards. (For expert tips on how to photograph your products, check out our post on the subject.)

Below, some inspiration from Square sellers doing Pinterest right.

Artful Tea (Santa Fe)

They’re certainly wordsmiths over at Artful Tea. Its page features fun and creative board names like “Tea Porn,” “Spouting Off,” and “National Tea-ographic.”

Burberry (using Square at their New York City pop-up shop)

There are a lot of insights to glean here — from having a board dedicated to just one marquee product (the trench) to one that showcases the perfect weather for wearing Burberry.

Son of a Sailor (Austin)

Jewelry-maker Son of a Sailor posts pictures of its products, but it also localizes its Pinterest presence with boards like “Austin Things.” A great way to engage your community.

Half Hitch Goods (San Francisco)

Half Hitch Goods extends the spirit of its brand beyond the store with boards like “Half Hitchers Tie the Knot” and “Van Life.”