Only In Dearborn: Inspiring Stories of Identity, Community and Entrepreneurship

The Square “Only In Dearborn” series highlights five Arab-owned businesses to explore the intersection of identity, community, and entrepreneurship. The business owners share their personal definitions of success and the significance of working in Dearborn, MI, home to the largest Arab population in the United States, as well as the tools that have helped them achieve their success.

Nady B

“My work ethic, my love for people, my dedication, all of that definitely comes from my Arab roots and the way my family raised me.” — Hanady Hachigian

Hanady Hachigian’s success with NadyB Beauty Bar led her to open an academy for aspiring cosmetic tattoo artists.


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“I want to do everything I can to help this next generation jump into the world and not have to face the hurdles that I had to go through growing up.” — Ali Alhashemi

Ali Alhashemi grew Uppercutz Barbershop into a Dearborn staple. Now he’s a mentor to dozens of barbers across three shops.


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Rassem’s Trucking

“Back in the day, my dad didn’t know of any Arabic truck driving school. He was forced to learn the language first, worked these oddball jobs, and then came back to what he knows and has been doing for the rest of his life.” — Danny Alsheikh, Rassem Truck Driving School

Rassem and Danny Alsheikh help Arab refugees start a career in the United States with their trucking school.


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Dana’s Paper Boutique

“What makes me excited is I’m not the only one in Dearborn that is a female entrepreneur that also has their family as well. I’ve seen a huge community of a lot of women, and I think women are definitely taking over Dearborn.” — Dana Ali

Dana Ali brings Arab culture into the wedding card industry with Dana’s Paper Boutique.

dana's paper boutique