Now You Can Enter Your Customer’s Information Right at the Register

Say a new client comes in for a cut and a color. She goes for a bit of a lighter hue, buys some new products, and walks out the door loving her new look. All in all, a success.

But wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy way to jot down all of this information about her visit? So that the next time she comes in you could look up her color mix formula and ask her how all those new products worked out? It would go a long way toward making her feel like she had a really personalized experience.

Well, now that’s possible. With the Square Customer Directory, you can collect information from your customer right at your POS. The tool lets you add in your customer’s name and contact information, and also includes a notes box where you can add extra details that might be helpful. The Square Customer Directory automatically syncs up with your Register data too, so you can get an idea of the kinds of things they like and make informed recommendations the next time they come in.

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The Square Customer Directory seamlessly integrates with the rest of Square’s marketing tools, which means you can connect with your customers even after they’ve left your store. What’s more, Square’s email marketing tool automatically sorts your customers into loyal, casual, and lapsed. So you can invite just your regulars to a sneak peek event, for example, or send a note reminding customers who haven’t been in for a while to make an appointment. And if customers left you feedback through their Square receipt, that’s all there too—so you know what to improve on (or keep doing) next time you see them.

To find a customer in the system, all you need to do is search by name, and the tool will pull up the profile. There, you can edit, delete, or add any pertinent information about their visit that would be helpful to have on hand.

Having ready access to these details will go a long way toward great, personalized customer service. It’ll also help you know, understand, and engage with your customers — which will in turn translate into more regulars.

Collecting customer information at the register is free — just update to the latest version of Square Point of Sale. For access to detailed data (like transaction history), subscribe to Customer Engagement Pro.