Happy Holidays! We Now Offer Gift Cards

If you’ve ever wanted to offer gift cards at your business, you’ve probably hit some roadblocks. For one, there’s the price — third-party providers charge up to $3.50 per card. And that doesn’t count subscription, redemption, and transaction fees, which can add up. Secondly, most options run independently from your point-of-sale solution, making things like reporting and tracking complicated.

Square Gift Cards

Let your customers give the perfect gift — gift cards from your business.

So we’re fixing all that. Today, we’re excited to unveil gift cards for local businesses, powered by Square. They’re one flat rate — $1.50 per card—with zero hidden fees. You can order them directly from your Square Dashboard and even upload a custom design that fits the spirit of your business.

And you get your money fast. When a customer purchases a gift card, the funds are automatically transferred into your account the next business day — no waiting for the gift card to be redeemed.

Processing the gift cards is simple. Swipe them just like you would a credit or debit card on your Square Stand or Reader, and the balance on the card automatically updates. Cards can also be reloaded with additional money at any time.

You can activate, redeem, and track gift card sales all from your Square Point of Sale. So happy holidays, and here’s to shopping local this season.

Learn more about gift cards powered by Square.

If you are interested in purchasing gift cards or need to use gift cards at multiple locations, please log in to your Square Dashboard to schedule time to speak with a Square Business Services Representative.