The Future of Retail Report: 2022 Edition

Download the 2022 Future of Retail report.

Uncover the top retail trends that are shaping 2022 for innovative retailers and their customers.

Consumers are craving connection and convenience, and retailers are stepping up to meet those needs, reimagining what the entire shopping experience should look like. From conversational commerce to seamless online shopping experiences, the future of retail is bold and innovative, and it belongs to independent retailers.

To help retailers define and own their success in 2022, we partnered with Wakefield Research to see how 500 retail managers and owners, along with 1,000 consumers, are shaking up the status quo. Whether you’re an online retailer, have brick-and-mortar locations, or a mix of both, this retail report will help you understand the top trends and changing customer expectations defining the next age of the retail experience.

Inside the Future of Retail report, you’ll find:

foc-search-icon An analysis of the top retail trends of 2022: From social-first selling to QR codes to the rise of the multi-hyphenate retailer, learn about the top trends that are shaking up the retail world this year and beyond.

foc-tools-icon Tools and strategies to help you bring all of these ideas to life at your store: Find out which retail trends are right for your business, and how to put them into motion in 2022.

foc-pie-icon Industry insights from Square retail experts: We tapped Square experts to share their perspectives on what these trends mean, where they’re headed, and the best ways for local retailers to do what makes the most sense for their businesses.

foc-plant-icon Real-world examples from creative retailers: See how retailers across the country are bringing these insights together to create a shopping experience that’s integrated, innovative, and irresistible to customers.


of customers made a direct purchase through social media over the past month.


of retailers use or plan to use automation to decrease staff members’ hands-on time.


of retailers currently — or plan to — sell products via text or chat.

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