This Dentist Improved Her Patients’ Experience with JotForm and Square [VIDEO]

No matter what type of business you run, providing your clients with a great experience is top of mind. That means making every second of the interaction seamless and easy, from the moment they walk in the door to when they pay.

If you’re a service-based business, running a credit card after a visit isn’t always the best experience. For some businesses, it’s better to allow clients to pay in advance of an appointment. For others, it makes more sense to send bills after the fact.

Dr. Cynthia Brattesani, a dentist in San Francisco, uses JotForm and Square to allow her patients to quickly and easily pay bills online.

“In the past, you would send a statement, whether it was by mail or electronically. But when the patient received it, then they would have to write a check or fill in their credit card,” she said. “Well, with the online payment service, that is so easy with JotForm and Square. They’re doing it online, which streamlines the whole business.”

Dr. Brattesani built an online payment form using JotForm and an easy-to-embed widget from Square — no coding required. The form lives on her website, so patients can easily find it. But it’s also sent in an email statement, so patients just have to click a link to pay.

As a result, she’s noticed an increase in online payments. Not only because it’s easy, but also because people feel comfortable with Square.

“It’s a brand that is cool, trusted, secure. And patients recognize it, and patients love familiarity,” she said.

But the new payment process isn’t just great for the patient. It benefits Dr. Brattesani and her staff as well.

“The advice I would give other dental practices is that having a system like JotForm and Square just allows you to enhance patient care because you get to focus more on the patient and let the administrative process be done on its own,” she said.

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