Customer Engagement Gets More Social to Help You Reach New Customers

We launched Customer Engagement as a suite of tools that help you grow sales by connecting with your customers after they’ve left your store. Whether sending an email promotion, sharing news, or collecting feedback, these tools create a conversation between you and your customers that helps drive loyalty and increase sales. Today we’re adding powerful new tools to Customer Engagement that make it easy to run effective marketing campaigns with even wider reach.

First, we’re launching Facebook Ad Integration to help you target customers on Facebook, get new customers in the door, and increase sales effectively at an affordable cost. Now your Facebook Ads results and Square sales data are integrated, so you can connect your Facebook marketing budget to actual sales and understand exactly what your customers respond to. We will also be adding support for other social channels in the coming weeks.

With the help of this new feature, a particularly successful campaign by Big Daddy’s Catfish and Seafood of Lake Park, Georgia, recently drove more than $400 in sales from just $10 in Facebook Ads. “I reached new customers that I hadn’t reached before and definitely saw a sales increase,” owner Joshua Allen said. “I’ll absolutely use Customer Engagement to promote my business through Facebook in the future.”

We know that automated email campaigns have high engagement, with open rates 1.7 times higher than blast campaigns containing offers. So we’re also introducing a new Automated Campaign that asks your customers to check out your business on Yelp. These features can help improve your online reviews and get new customers in the door, while generating additional sales from existing customers.

We’ve grown Customer Engagement with the help of the LocBox team, which joined Square a few months ago. Like Square, the LocBox team designed a product with local business owners in mind, helping sellers build online marketing campaigns that reach new and existing customers wherever they are. We’ll continue to build the most effective campaigns, focusing on smarter targeting and event-based triggering to reach customers when it’s most valuable for your business.

You can learn more about Customer Engagement here.