Free Adobe Spark Trial: Create Content To Connect With Customers Online

To help Square sellers communicate with their customers, we’ve partnered with Adobe to provide Square sellers with free access to Adobe Spark for a two-month trial.

As businesses have moved to remote work or have adapted to new ways of operating, communication with customers has never been more important. To help Square sellers make that communication easier, we’ve partnered with Adobe to provide Square sellers with free access to Adobe Spark for a two-month trial.

Adobe Spark is a suite of digital marketing tools that helps you connect with your customers and promote your business online. You can quickly and easily create branded graphics, web pages, and videos to share to social media platforms, on your blog, in email, or by text (no design experience necessary).

As you navigate through reopening, whichever stage you might be at, updating your customers helps them stay informed and feel safer about patronizing your business. Below are a few tips for getting in front of your customers and how you can use Adobe Spark to help you communicate with them.

Create an email strategy

Email gives you a direct line to your customers and is also extremely effective in helping you understand what your customers are interested in hearing about. With email marketing, you can measure the effectiveness of your messaging based on metrics such as open rate, clickthrough rate, and conversion. You can also look at data such as how long a person spent on your site and what they clicked while they were there.

With Square Marketing and Adobe Spark, you can create professional-looking, personalized email that catches customers’ attention and keeps them informed.

Build a content calendar

Social media can be a good place to build a support network and provide a place for your customers (and other businesses) to band together and show support online. It’s also a great platform for keeping customers up to date on what your business is doing and which stage of reopening you’re in.

Get creative with the content that you put on your channels to catch your customers’ attention as they scroll through their social feeds. With Adobe Spark, you can create custom graphics and videos that are informative, helpful, and eye-catching.

Create or update your website

Having a web presence is more important than ever. If you aren’t selling or taking orders online yet, set up a simple online store for your products and services. If you have an existing website, you can plug in our eCommerce tools or add an online checkout button to easily charge customers for single products. Paired with the user-friendly design tools in Adobe Spark, Square’s solutions give you a beautifully designed website for your business that’s up and running in no time.