Square Point of Sale

Your business has specific needs.

Our add-ons work seamlessly
with your POS to solve them.

Build a solution with everything you need
and nothing you don’t.

Add-ons designed for your needs

Your POS can do much more than take payments. From managing teams to CRM to marketing solutions, you can add tools to your POS to create an integrated solution.

Simple to set up, simpler to run

It’s easy to customize your POS with the tools you need. Simply choose what can help you out and get up and running in no time.

Built to work together

Save yourself the headache of trying to piece your systems together. With Square, everything integrates seamlessly. If you ever need support, you only need to contact one vendor — us.

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The right tools for your POS can help you:

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Accept flexible payment options.

Choose the different ways you want to accept payments, like in person, online, over the phone, or via cash or ACH transfer.

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Build stronger customer relationships.

Keep your customers engaged with tools to help you offer gift cards, create effective marketing campaigns, and build loyalty programs.

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Manage your team more easily.

Streamline your payroll and team management system with a customizable solution for as many team members and locations as you need.

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