Square Analytics

Make more informed business decisions.

Square Analytics

Real-time data

Keep your finger on the pulse. Know what sells best, find out when funds are transferred, and see your bottom line at a glance.

Customer insights

Get to know your customers better—how much they spend and how frequently they return.

Powerful reports

Get detailed data on all your locations, employees, and items. Download CSVs to make bookkeeping easier.

Take it all on the go

Sign in at Square.com or download the free Dashboard app for iOS to track your sales from anywhere.

Run your business in real time.

No need to wait on end-of-day reports—check Square Analytics anytime to get a handle on sales, customers, and more.

Spot what’s selling
Square Analytics breaks sales down to the item so you can see what’s most popular at your business. Know when to stay open later or if you need to stock up on certain items.

See who’s coming back for seconds.

Understand your customers in a whole new way. Identify new versus returning customers, see your most frequent and most recent visitors, and find out how much your average customer spends.

Break down how it adds up.

See how you did in total sales this week—and how this week compares to last week, last month, and six months ago. Figure out how and why your sales are up or down.

Insights in your inbox.

Get simple daily summaries delivered to your inbox. See that day’s data on sales, items, and customers all in one neat digest.

Spreadsheets made simple
Download up-to-the-minute CSVs of your transactions, transfers, and sales by item and by staff.

Keep track of your business from anywhere.

Sign in to your Square account on Square.com to access all your data. Check your most crucial sales information from anywhere on the free Square Dashboard app.

Dashboard on the web

Your Square Dashboard at Square.com gives you access to all your reports. Keep tabs on all your locations, employees, and items. Download CSVs to make bookkeeping easy.

Dashboard app for iPhone

The free Square Dashboard app for iPhone is the fastest and easiest way to track your sales analytics from anywhere.


Millions of businesses are using Square Analytics to increase sales.

“Our business has been able to operate like a much larger operation with Square. Analytics help us make decisions that were more challenging to calculate with other tools.”




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