It’s you and Square, working together.

Let’s team up to help merchants run their businesses better. With the partner program, you’ll get tools to integrate with our ecosystem, along with resources to build, grow, and scale your own business with Square. There are three primary ways to partner with Square — so how do you want to make it happen?

Publish in the Square App Marketplace.

Get your app in front of millions of businesses by publishing in the Square App Marketplace, where sellers go to discover solutions that simplify their workday.

Work one-on-one with Square sellers.

Grow your business by working directly with Square merchants. Create custom Square Online sites, use Square APIs to build bespoke integrations, advise on marketing, and more.

Refer businesses to Square.

Whether you offer adjacent services or software, you can drive revenue by helping your customers discover and adopt Square through the partner program — no development required.

Build an app
your way on our developer platform.

Whether you’re building an application for millions or composing a custom integration for one, you’re going to need Square APIs, developer tools, and more resources. Get your solution up and running, all on the Square developer platform.

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Not sure which of the three types of partnerships is right for you? We’re all ears. Reach out to us to chat.