Take Your Brick-and-Mortar Store Online: Square Now Integrates with Ecwid

So the items at your brick-and-mortar shop are flying off the shelves. Congrats! Now it’s time for the next frontier — selling online. Seem daunting? It doesn’t have to be. Even if you’d give yourself a D- in the Internet skills category, our new integration with Ecwid makes it supersimple to take your brick-and-mortar store online in minutes.

Ever embedded a YouTube video? If you have, you know how easy it is. And if you haven’t, trust us, it’s really easy. Getting an Ecwid widget on your store’s website is actually as simple as that. Just copy and paste a snippet of code and voilà, you’re open for online business.

But here’s what’s extra cool about Ecwid: You can use it to sell your goods not only on your website but also on any other platform (think: Facebook, Tumblr, other online marketplaces). This gives you airtime in as many places as possible, increasing your likelihood of making sales.

And when you connect Ecwid to your Square account, you can manage both your offline and online business from one central command center. That means things like inventory, products, and orders are all updated in real time, reflecting sales from across all your channels. Which means less time spent managing this stuff and more time with your customers.

To get going, just log in to your Square Dashboard, go to the Apps section, and select the eCommerce category. Click Get Started under the Ecwid app listing, and in a few clicks, create a new online store from your Square inventory that you can add anywhere online.

Happy multichannel selling.

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