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Imagine this: You’ve just finished cutting and styling your client’s hair — she loves it! — and you’re ready to check out and take payment. After such a smooth appointment, there’s nothing more frustrating than a less-than-smooth checkout process.

That’s why we’ve integrated the Square Appointments app with a full point of sale and payments processing, so you can manage appointments and take payments all in one place. By managing your appointments business from one place, you save time (while staying organized) and make your client’s experience that much more seamless.

With payments integrated into the Appointments app, you can see more customer information at a glance as well — everything from a customer’s appointment history and details to purchasing data. This means that every time your clients come in, you have a clear idea of all the services they’ve purchased before (and when), which allows you to provide a more customized experience.

You can also see the status of each appointment in your calendar, including which appointments have already been checked out, so you can easily stay on top of your day and know the status of your calendar at a glance.

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If you run any kind of appointments-based business, using software that integrates online scheduling with the rest of your business functions is key to staying organized, finding efficiencies, and providing the best customer experience. Our own data shows that Square Appointments can help businesses grow bookings, decrease cancellations, and increase the number of services booked by clients.


Besides integrated payments, some of the other functionality that makes Square Appointments a tool for growth includes:

  • 24/7 online booking: Sixty-one percent of consumers expect online appointment booking from a business, or think it sets them apart, according to a recent study by Yodle Insights. Part of the appeal is that customers can book at their convenience, even if it’s after hours.
  • Prepayment to reduce no-shows: You can protect your time by requiring prepayment (or a credit card) to book online and setting a fee for missed appointments. This reduces cancellations and makes your calendar more efficient.
  • Client reminders: If you want to reduce no-shows (or even just late clients), appointment reminders are another tool you should have. You can set text and email reminders to make sure clients always remember their appointment.
  • Calendar sync: It’s a pain to jump back and forth between multiple calendars. Our online scheduling software syncs with Google Calendar so you and your clients can see your most up-to-date availability.

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