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Your own business analytics app

See all your sales data from Square in the free and simple Square Dashboard app.

All your sales in a tap

One app to track it all. Know what sells the most and when it’s most popular.

Compare days, weeks, years

Set dates and see your sales grow over time. Compare items, categories, and gross sales.

Many locations in a single place

See sales at all your shops in this simple app. Bring them together on your phone.


Check your sales in seconds.

Save time and stay in constant contact with your business. See every sale from the moment you’re open right up until closing time—even when you can’t make it into the shop.

Compare sales by date

Measure sales from this week against last. See how much more you’re selling year over year. It takes just a few moments to track your busiest hours and most popular items.

Check all your locations from anywhere

See how and when it gets busy at one location, even when you’re running your other shop. Better yet, see how both are doing from the comfort of your couch.

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