Square Partner Program

Smart collaboration for growing businesses

Partner with Square
Financial institutions

Offer your members business management solutions from Square.

Business solution providers

Bundle your services with Square to reach more customers.

Advisory bodies

Introduce businesses to Square through your association or SMB service.

Other partners

Share your ideas—we’re always looking for ways to expand the Square Partner Program.

Featured Partners

Our partners are a diverse group of industry leaders and organizations that use Square to help start, run, and grow all kinds of businesses.

Help businesses grow faster.

Let’s work together. Join free and empower sellers of all kinds with powerful tools to start, run, and grow their business.

Education and innovation

Empower your customers with educational materials, sales and support services, and exclusive access to new products.

Cobranded website

Add a custom website and lead form to your toolbox. Send customized messaging and easily track sign-ups online.

Financial incentives

Qualifying partners receive compensation for implementing Square solutions for their clients’ businesses.

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Partner with Square