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Square for Retail Plans


Square for Retail is a full POS system designed for retail businesses, no matter the size or style. Square for Retail offers two plans: Square for Retail Free (at no monthly cost) and Square for Retail Plus (at £49 per month, per location). See the table below for a comparison of features between the Square for Retail Free plan and the Square for Retail Plus plan. If you already have Square for Retail, you can change your plan at any time in the Pricing & Subscriptions settings of your online Square Dashboard.

What’s Included?

Feature Square for Retail Free Square for Retail Plus*
Processing rate per transaction
Card-present processing fees 1.75% 1.6%
Create and manage items
Create and manage item options
Manage item costs -
View product matrix
Track stock
Import and export Item Library
Manage modifiers, categories, discounts, taxes and units
Manage settings for dining options, comp & void, inventory (for Square Invoices) and Square Online Checkout
Low stock alerts
GTIN and SKU barcodes
Auto-Generate SKUs
Print barcode labels -
Print packing slips
Bulk inventory intake -
Cross-location stock transfers -
Inventory counting tool -
View inventory history -
Create purchase orders -
Inventory sell-through and automatic purchase orders -
Send purchase orders as email, PDF or CSV -
Vendor management -
Manage pending restocks -
Item Sales Report
Category Sales Report
Sales by Payment Type Report
COGS and Profit Margins Report -
Inventory Value/Projected Profit Report -
Inventory by Category Report -
Sales by Vendor Report -
Sell-Through Report -
View transactions
Return any item from any location
Issue refunds
Issue exchanges
Point of Sale
Add a device
Shared settings on devices
Signature & receipt settings
Cash management
Offline Mode
Cross location inventory lookup
Notification centre
Customer Directory
Settings: Settings: configure profiles, feedback and email collection
Permissions Includes two permission sets for your team Unlimited permission sets are available for an additional fee per month, per location
Team member badges - -
Account settings
Business settings
Square accessories settings
Manage orders in POS
Connect to Square Online
Connect to Postmates
Connect to DoorDash
Square Online
Buy online & pick up in store
Buy online & return in store
Buy online & offer Delivery
Integrate to existing eCommerce sites
Integrate with BigCommerce

*The rate of 1.6% for card-present transactions is only applicable to payments processed when signed into a Square for Retail Plus account on the Retail POS app. If you process payments on Square Point of Sale or Retail POS Free version, you will pay the standard processing fee of 1.75% for card-present transactions.

Square for Retail Plan FAQs

What is the Square for Retail Plus free trial and how do I start one?

Anyone who signs up or Square for Retail will automatically be enrolled in a 30-day free trial of Square for Retail Plus. This allows you to explore all the features you might need to run your business with Square for Retail. At the end of the trial, you can choose to subscribe to Square for Retail Plus to keep using advanced features or you can downgrade to Square for Retail Free. You can also change your plan at any time by visiting Settings > Account & Settings > Pricing & Subscriptions in your online Square Dashboard.

Do I need to create a new account if I want to try Square for Retail Free?

No. If you currently use Square for Retail Plus and would like to switch to the Free plan, you can downgrade by visiting Settings > Account & Settings > Pricing & Subscriptions in your online Square Dashboard. Under Payment Method, click Manage subscription next to Square for Retail Plus. From here, you can choose to downgrade to the Free version of Square for Retail.

What if I try out Square for Retail Free and decide that I need to use Square for Retail Plus?

If you use Square for Retail Free and need to upgrade to Square for Retail Plus, you can do so by visiting Settings > Account & Settings > Pricing & Subscriptions in your online Square Dashboard. Under Payment Method, click Manage subscription next to Square for Retail Plus. From here, you can choose to upgrade to Square for Retail Plus.

If I have multiple locations, can I choose which locations I want to subscribe to Retail Plus?

At this time, Square for Retail is an account-level feature and every location will be charged the monthly subscription cost. We recommend marking any unused locations as ‘Inactive’ to avoid unwanted charges.

Will I lose any of my account information in the process of upgrading/downgrading?

Whether you upgrade/downgrade, your account will retain all information (e.g. items, inventory, settings, etc.) throughout the process. If you upgrade, the paid features will be ready to use once you’ve confirmed your payment method. If you downgrade, you will lose access to the paid features immediately and you will be billed a pro-rated amount for the time you used the Plus version.

Can I use my Square for Retail subscription with other products at Square?

Yes. Yes. Your Square for Retail subscription will work with other Square products, including Square Online Store, Square Shifts and Team Management.

How will I know if a feature is unavailable with Square for Retail Free?

You will still see all Square for Retail features in your online Square Dashboard, but the features available to Square for Retail Plus will be greyed out.

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