Refund Any Part of a Purchase with Partial Refunds

“Don’t sweat the small stuff”—we don’t believe in that saying at Square, because we believe the small stuff matters most. We focus on every way—big or small—we can help you run your day-to-day a little more smoothly.

One “small” feature that’s been a big ask from our sellers is partial refunds. Now you can now refund any part of a purchase using the latest version of Square Point of Sale.

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Here are a few other small changes we’ve made that add up to a big impact on your operations:

Variable discounts

Offer discounts for any amount at the time of sale. Set up variable discounts from your Square Dashboard or iPad app, and leave the percentage or dollar amount blank.

Night-shift reporting

If your business keeps late hours—restaurants, bars, taxis—night-shift filtering in Square Dashboard lets you see continuous sales from the night into the next day.

Mobile sales reports

Sales summaries now load faster and are easier to see when you sign in to your dashboard from a smartphone or iPad.