Juice Press Uses Data and Connected Tools to Master Customer Loyalty

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About Juice Press

Juice Press is a pioneer in the wellness industry as the leading purveyor of grab-and-go smoothies and açai bowls. With 85 company-owned locations across 6 states and a presence in more than 25 Equinox fitness clubs, Juice Press sees over 1.2 million transactions annually.

About GoParrot

GoParrot is a leading holistic technology solution that integrates with Square, enabling turnkey premium digital ordering and loyalty experiences for food and beverage businesses. GoParrot helps restaurants connect more often and more directly with their guests to maximize returns for their business.

Products and high-level outcomes

The Square ecosystem of solutions supports Juice Press in-store and in corporate HQ:

“Square has really democratized the data surrounding our customers and transactions. Everyone in our company now has access to a really deep understanding of what drivers move our business.” - Ellie Gan, Digital Strategist, Juice Press

This enbales:

  • Minimal training time for employees
  • Unified customer dataset
  • Real-time updates to products and pricing in distinct geo markets
  • Fast implementation and growth of new business during COVID-19

Square and GoParrot put Juice Press ahead of the curve

At the start of 2020, 23% of customers had enrolled in the Juice Press Square Loyalty program through GoParrot, which grew to represent 55% of annual revenue. Juice Press email capture of Square Loyalty customers increased from 6% to nearly 40% with the adoption of Square Marketing. COVID-19 required Juice Press to stop dine-in service to customers and shutter all 25 of its Equinox locations. But they noticed that grocery stores were backed up and needed to schedule deliveries weeks in advance. In just a few days, Juice Press worked with GoParrot integration through Square to pivot their kitchen, vendor relationships, and warehouse space to launch JP Super Wellness Market. After the launch of JP Super Wellness Market, Juice Press stores saw a 30% increase in sales.

“The Square Loyalty program was the core, and it was GoParrot’s willingness to be nimble for us to make it work. Both companies worked tirelessly to make that happen.” - Michael Karsch, CEO, Juice Press

A system that grows with your business.

We’re with you from Square one to whatever’s next.

Why Square

“After having lived with two other POS providers, we chose Square for three key reasons: One is ease of training,” Karsch said. “With 100% annual turnover in our industry, the ability to teach somebody to use Square POS was exponentially faster than any other POS we had ever experienced.

“Two is data. We found that the data that we’ve been able to retrieve [with Square] and the Square marketing program have provided very significant payback for us.

“Three is that Square has an entrepreneurial culture, and that meshes with the culture of our company extremely well. They’ve backed entrepreneurs as their partners throughout. When I think about who I want to be in the trenches with, I want to be with people who have that experience and are like-minded and supportive of me.”