Make Your Business Buzzy: 4 National Coffee Day Promotion Ideas

Attention, coffee shops! National Coffee Day, a nationwide celebration of caffeination, is just around the corner. Tuesday, September 29, marks the day, and with it, a perfect time to put your business on the radar.

The big chains have been known to do large-scale promotions (usually around some sort of free beverage), but as a local coffee shop, you can get in on the marketing buzz as well. While you’ve created a marketing plan for your coffee shop, you might want to consider additionaly promotional methods during this time of the year. Here are some National Coffee Day promotion ideas you can start planning now to get next Tuesday’s line out the door.

1. Offer a promotion.

Everybody loves a freebie. You may think about giving one to only your most loyal customers as a token of appreciation for their continued business. But how do you target these people without making others feel left out? [Square’s email marketing software]( makes it easy. The tool automatically segments your lists (based on sales data) into loyal, casual, and lapsed customers. So you can quickly create a National Coffee Day email (there will be a custom template all ready to go this Friday), and send it to just your regulars. You may offer a free drink if they come in during a certain time window, or a bag of beans as a thank you. The timing of this email is key, though. Consider sending it the night before, so it’s fresh on people’s minds for the following morning. Showing you appreciate your customers will help further solidify their loyalty to your shop and foster a sense of community with your neighborhood.

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2. Take to social media.

Social media will be abuzz with coffee talk next Tuesday, so make sure your business is part of the conversation. Even if you can’t trend on the social networks nationally, some local trending will go a long way (be sure to include the hashtag #NationalCoffeeDay in all your posts). Start thinking about the kinds of things you want to post now so you’re ready the day of. Maybe it’s a behind-the-scenes time-lapse video of a barista prepping orders for Instagram. Or maybe it’s a series of fun coffee facts to post on Twitter to show your business knows its stuff. Either way, pictures and visuals go a long way here — they’re proven to have a much higher engagement on the social networks.

3. Try sidewalk signage.

Don’t discount old-school sidewalk signage, especially during peak coffee hours (you can tell when your business’ trending sales times are in your Square Dashboard). A creative, funny sidewalk sign will help lure people into your shop who previously would have just walked by. And remember, you’re going for that “ha!” reaction — the kind that gets your sign posted on the social networks.

4. Host an event.

Who says events are just for the evening? Think about a coffee party during peak commute and mid-afternoon coffee-run hours to get the neighborhood together. Blast some fun music, give away freebies, or host a latte art class. But be sure to market your event via social media and a marketing email to help fill up the shop.

Hopefully these ideas will help you have some fun with National Coffee Day. It’s a perfect time to celebrate your business — and your customers.