How Square Enabled This Wellness Destination to Easily Create New Revenue Streams

When LaToyia Mays and her husband (former NFL player Joe Mays) opened The Laya Center, they aimed to bring their expertise in herbalism to Kansas City. Learn how Square has taken the guesswork out of their expansion and enabled them to stay focused on their mission.
Apr 18, 2024 — 1 min read



LaToyia Mays is the owner of The Laya Center in Kansas City.


Joe Mays is the owner of the owner of The Laya Center in Kansas City.


LaToyia Mays: Good vibes guy.

Joe Mays: Yeah, he bringing the good vibes along.

LaToyia Mays: My name is LaToyia Mays.

Joe Mays: I'm Joe Mays and we're at the Laya Center.

LaToyia Mays: So the Laya Center is a wellness destination we call it. We help people to integrate alternative wellness into their everyday lives. We do massage, we do body steaming and facials focus a lot on balancing the internal elements. So a lot of our services are tech driven. We have a cryotherapy chamber. Hyperbaric chamber. Space that we are in now is 6,000 square feet. 2000 square feet of it is our mercantile and retail area where we've grown over the past two years with an exponential amount of products.

I think having Square take the guesswork out of trying to manage these small pieces of our business, for instance, all of the SKUs that we have now has been such a huge help on the food side. People can order through the website, even payroll, having all of these different components that Square streamlines for us. It just makes it a lot easier for me. This last time we got the Square alone was when we actually opened up our tea bar. So we were able to expand the thought of taking our supplement line and making it a everyday type thing.

The loan process has been really, really good. Just taking a small percentage of every sale that we have has been really nice. So we've always used Square in business.

Joe Mays: Makes it super simple for me. I mean, I'm not really a technological buff and it's super easy because it's all spread out.

LaToyia Mays: It's helped us grow and sort of streamline and keep everything in-house with Square and Bloom as well.

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LaToyia Mays, founder of The Laya Center, spoke with Square at the 2023 Future of Commerce Summit about how diversified offerings help her business reach and connect with customers.

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