Get paid again and again (and again) with Square Subscriptions.

Create predictable revenue streams for free with our subscription management software.

Square Subscriptions

Customize billing models.

Choose when you process payments, and monitor your revenue.

Optional free trials

Let customers and clients subscribe without making a payment.

Flexible plan durations

Set an end date for a subscription lifecycle or let it run indefinitely.

Flexible billing and invoicing

Automate transactions to recur weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, bi-anually, or annually.

Generate checkout links.

Manage how and where subscribers sign up.

Create QR codes

Easily print and share codes in your brick-and-mortar business.

Share links

Let customers subscribe via social media, SMS, or email.

Embed buttons

Customize eCommerce links on your website using checkout links from Square Online.

Add and edit subscriptions.

Update plan details quickly and easily.

Select a start date

Determine when you’ll process a plan’s first payment.

Update payment information

Ensure credit cards and payment methods are up-to-date.

Pause and resume plans

Temporarily adjust billing cycles with the click of a button.

Start for free, and pay no monthly fees.

Sign in to your Square Dashboard to create a subscription plan, then add subscribers manually or generate a shareable link.

Square Subscriptions works for all kinds of businesses.

Set recurring payments for donations, membership fees, professional services, and more.