How The Kebab Shop grows revenue through integrated customer experiences


  • The Kebab Shop improved customer convenience and adapted to changing customer expectations during the pandemic.
  • The Kebab Shop used Square integrated tools to connect and streamline online and in-person ordering.
  • With Square real-time customer service analytics, The Kebab Shop can make smarter business decisions and on-the-spot changes to improve the customer experience.

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About The Kebab Shop

The Kebab Shop, a San Diego-based Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant, opened in 2008 and has grown to over 30 locations across California and Texas.

With a goal to expand to at least 50 locations in the next few years, The Kebab Shop continues to skyrocket revenue through omnichannel customer experiences with Square.

“What’s great about Square is that it syncs all the different ordering channels. It makes our team’s life a lot easier so we can stay organized no matter what channel the order came in through.”

— Wally Sadat
CMO, The Kebab Shop

Improve customer convenience and adapt to customer expectations

While The Kebab Shop may be a family-run business, they wanted to offer customers the convenience associated with larger chain restaurants. They set up their Square Point of Sale to let customers place orders through their Square Online ordering page or through a third-party app. Their digital system makes it easy for employees to see how the order was placed and to package the meal accordingly, all to ensure a smooth transaction for the customer.

“We want to make sure that we give our customers that convenience of placing orders, however they feel like. That’s why we try to look at different ways for us to be able to accommodate them.”

— Wally Sadat
CMO, The Kebab Shop

At the start of the pandemic, they knew they needed to expand how customers could place orders by offering no-contact options. The Kebab Shop enabled curbside pickup and on-demand delivery with Square Online. With the extra convenience and ordering options, their online ordering grew to account for 45% of their sales.

Create a seamless experience for online, in-person, and pickup orders

Before they switched to Square, it took The Kebab Shop a week or two to train new employees on their system. The point-of-sale and back-of-house systems weren’t connected, and the shop used four or five different apps. They needed systems that communicated smoothly with each other in real time for their teams to stay organized, both in a single store and across multiple locations.

“One adjustment we made after looking at the amount of orders we were receiving online was creating a way for customers to pick up their online order more comfortably inside the restaurant.”

— Wally Sadat
CMO, The Kebab Shop

The Kebab Shop has adopted many Square tools to run its entire business with one connected system, starting with a point of sale that new employees can learn within a day.

Improve decision-making with real-time analytics

The Kebab Shop needed to understand how to run the kitchen more smoothly and how to exceed customer service expectations as they continued to grow. They needed clear and complete data from their menus and customers so they could continue to improve.

“One adjustment we made after looking at the amount of online orders we were receiving was then ways for customers to pick up that online order much more comfortably inside the restaurant.”

— Wally Sadat
CMO, The Kebab Shop

With high-level sales data, customer purchasing histories, and Square customer loyalty programs, The Kebab Shop brought all their customer experience analytics into one place. Since Square provides data in real time, The Kebab Shop knows what the lunch rush looks like at a certain location, how popular a new menu item is, and what their busy times are across all locations.

The Kebab Shop uses their Square data to grow revenue, to expand to more locations, and to find ways to make the customer experience even more enjoyable.

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