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The Roadmap to Expansion: Insights from a Successful Owner

About the webinar

What’s on the mind of every restaurant owner these days? One word – expansion.

From scaling up business offerings to opening new locations, goals around growth have been on the rise. Nearly half of Square Future of Restaurants survey respondents said they want to expand “substantially” over the next year, which is roughly a 10% increase from the year prior.

While dreams of expansion are certainly top of mind, so are the hurdles: understanding new customers preferences, marketing new revenue streams successfully, and managing inventory, just to name a few. In this webinar, we chat with Christopher Tompkins, founder and owner of Broad Street Oyster Co., about their experience growing to six locations. The conversation centers around how to approach expansion, common pitfalls owners should avoid, tips for success, and the crucial role restaurant technology plays.

What’s on the agenda

  • Key indicators you’re ready to expand and things to consider as you evaluate growth

  • Creative ways to think about expansion

  • Ways that you can use technology and automation to set your expansion up for success right from the start, whether it’s a new revenue stream or a new location

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Broad Street Oyster Co. is not an employee or consultant of Square. The information provided during this event solely reflects Broad Street Oyster Co.’s views and is not endorsed by Square. This event is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal, financial, or tax advice. For specific advice applicable to your business, please contact a professional.

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Jean Silva
Strategic Account Management Lead, Food & Beverage, Square

Christopher Tompkins
Founder, Broad Street Oyster Co.