Square takes your security seriously.

Two-step verification is an extra, free layer of security to help prevent account breaches that can lead to misdirected seller payouts and other financial losses.

Two-step verification



prevention from automated bot attacks with two-step verification.


effectiveness against 
bulk phishing attacks with two-step verification.

An account takeover (ATO) happens when your login credentials are compromised by an unauthorized party to commit fraud. If our system detects unusual activity, we suspend all transfers to your bank account until we can make sure everything is normal.

This usually takes one business day to complete, so it’s essential we protect you from fraud altogether. A study by Security.org shows the average successful ATO incurs losses of around $12,000.

Prevention is the best defense.

“The more layers of security you have to protect your financial information the better.”

Ryan, R&R Coffee Café

Set up Lock two-step verification.

  1. Enroll in two-step verification on your next login.
  2. Enter the verification code from your mobile phone.
  3. Securely use your account. You can choose to remember your device for 90 days.

Set up Lock two-step verification.