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Square Team Management has tools to help you manage your team easily — across locations, devices, and job functions. It has a free plan and paid plan, Team Plus, to meet your business needs.

In the free plan, your team members can clock in/out at your point of sale. You can also track time using timecards, and secure and restrict sensitive areas of your Point of Sale and online Dashboard, at no additional cost. To get started in the free plan, simply add your first team member.

By upgrading to Team Plus, you have access to advanced features, such as unlimited sets of permissions, activity log by team member, sales reporting by team member, labor cost vs. sales reports, multiple wages, and more. Start a 30-day free trial here.

Team Management also makes it easy for you to pay your team using Square’s online payroll service, or any other payroll provider.

What’s Included?

  Team Management Team Plus
Pricing Free for all locations $35/mo per location
Time clock ✔️ ✔️
Timecard reporting ✔️ ✔️
Square POS integration ✔️ ✔️
Payroll exports ✔️ ✔️
Break tracking ✔️ ✔️
Break violation reporting - ✔️
Multiple wage rates - ✔️
One set of permissions ✔️ -
Unlimited sets of permissions - ✔️
Analytics & Reporting    
Activity log by team member - ✔️
Overtime reporting ✔️ ✔️
Sales reporting by team member - ✔️
Aggregate Sales vs. Labor reporting - ✔️
Individual Sales vs. Labor reporting - ✔️

Setting up your owner passcode

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to create an owner passcode before adding team members and assigning permissions. The owner passcode can be used to clock in/out on the Square app, but most importantly, override any passcode-related actions taken by your team members. For example, if a team member tries to take an action that they don’t have permission to take, the Square app will ask for an owner passcode to override. To create your owner passcode:

  1. From the Team Members list in your online Square Dashboard, click the account owner’s name.

  2. Under Permissions, click Edit.

  3. In the Credentials section, create a custom, 4-digit passcode or click Generate to create one at random.

  4. Click Save.

Adding your first team member

Get started with Team Management by adding your team members into Square. This will allow you to track your team’s time and set permissions for your Square account. The more team members you add, the more powerful Team Management becomes. To add your first team member:

  1. From the Team Members list in your online Square Dashboard, click Create Team Member.

  2. Enter the team member’s name and personal information > Save.

Team Management - Profile - US - EN

Once you’ve saved your new team member’s personal information, their team member profile will populate. This profile allows you to edit their personal information, and assign them job titles and wages specific to their job at your business. Adding job titles and wages to a team member lets you track labor cost and, if using Square Timecards, view time spent performing one or multiple job functions at your business. Note: While adding a job title is required, wage information is optional.

To assign job titles and wages:

  1. From your newly created team member’s profile, click Complete setup.

  2. On the Job title screen, toggle Overtime Exempt on/off and provide a primary job title and pay type (e.g. hourly vs. salary).

  3. Based on the selected pay type, enter an hourly rate or annual salary and weekly hours.

  4. Click Save.

Note: If your team member has additional job responsibilities that require a secondary wage, and you’re subscribed to Team Plus, select Add Another Wage to add in another job title and pay type. They will be able to choose from a job title when clocking in/out in the Square app, and the wage for that job will be tracked in your labor cost reporting. For example, a team member can clock in as a Host for part of their shift, and then switch to Manager.

Setting up Permissions

Now that you’ve added a team member, you can assign permissions to them. Permissions protect your business and its sensitive information by controlling what your team members can see and do in your POS and online Square Dashboard. You can also determine team member access to your online Square Dashboard and the Square Point of Sale, Appointments, and Invoices apps.

With permissions, you’ll have the option to assign either custom permissions or Team permissions to your team members. Custom permissions are fully customizable and specific to individual team members. For example, they allow you to give different permission sets to a manager, an accountant, and a cashier. Team permissions is a single set of permissions available to all team members that are assigned to them and is free to use. Note: Custom permissions are available to Team Plus paid subscribers.

It’s important to keep in mind that permission sets can be created for individual team members based on their specific duties and be reused with future team members performing the same functions.

To start adding custom permissions:

  1. From your newly created team member’s profile, click Set up permissions.

  2. On the team member’s permissions screen, use the Permission Set dropdown menu to select Create new permission set.

  3. Enter a Permission set name.

  4. Toggle on Full access to enable all permissions or use the permission grid to customize the permission set > click Continue.

  5. Choose access points to specify where your team member can access Square apps.

    • Shared Points of Sale: Allow this team member to access your Point of Sale using a 4-digit team passcode (e.g. all team members using the same team passcode for your point of sale).

    • Mobile Point of Sale: Allow this team member to sign in to the Square app using their own email and password on their own device. (e.g. team members taking payments on the go).

    • Dashboard: Allow this team member to sign in to your online Square Dashboard using their own email and password.

  6. Click Save.

Team Permissions - Permission Details Page - US - EN

If applicable, Square will send this team member an email inviting them to create their own login for accessing your online Square Dashboard and/or the Square Point of Sale app on their personal device.

After selecting permissions and access points for your team member, the next step is to enable locations and provide credentials (e.g. personal passcode). Team members use the personal passcode credential to clock in/out so you can track their time and sales. To do so:

  1. Click No Locations to select the appropriate location your team member will work from. Note: If you’re using multiple locations and would like to give your team member permission for each, toggle on Assign to All Current and Future Locations.

  2. Click Save.

  3. Under Credentials, create a personal passcode that the team member will use to log in and track time. This can be customized or created randomly by selecting Generate.

  4. Click Save.

Note: Make sure to keep this passcode for your records and provide it to your team member. Each passcode is unique per team member – this is how they’ll access the Square app on any device that is paired to your business location.

Once a permission set has been created, you can edit or delete it at any time. To do so:

  1. Sign in to the Team section of your online Square Dashboard > Permissions.

  2. Select an existing permission set and make edits.

  3. Click Save. Any changes made apply to all team members assigned to the permission set.

To delete a permission set, click Delete. Note: If active team members are still assigned to this permission set, they’ll need to be removed from the permission set before it can be deleted.

Setting up Team Permissions and Team Passcode

With Team Management, you’ll also have access to a single set of Team Permissions for all team members for free. With Team Permissions, you can give all team members the same set of permissions when accessing the Square Point of Sale and online Square Dashboard on their own device. In addition, you can set up a Team Passcode that your team members will use to log into your point of sale. The Team Permissions you set up will apply to the Team Passcode, so you can control what actions and information your team can access on a shared point of sale.

A Team Passcode is recommended for businesses which don’t need to track time or sales by team member, or give specific team members different permissions than the rest of the team.

Enable Team Permissions in Your Online Square Dashboard

  1. Visit Team > Permissions in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select Team Permissions.

  3. Create or generate a random team passcode for team members using a shared point of sale. Record and share this passcode with your team.

  4. Select the permissions you’d like all team members to have. If a team member tries to access an area you haven’t selected, they’ll need a passcode from a team member with the correct permissions enabled to proceed.

  5. Click Save.

Note: Team Permissions can also be enabled when creating a team member for the first time.

Team Permissions - Individual Profile - US - EN

Edit Your Team Passcode

To edit you Team passcode from your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Visit Team > Permissions in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select Team Permissions.

  3. Create or generate a random team passcode. Record and share this passcode with your team.

  4. Save.

To edit your Team Passcode from the Square app:

  1. From the navigation menu, visit Settings > Passcodes.

  2. Tap the existing Team Passcode.

  3. Enter your Owner Passcode.

  4. Enter your new Team Passcode > Save.

  5. Share the new passcode with your team.

Setting up Team Management in SPOS

Once you’ve created permission sets and team member profiles, you’re ready to enable Team Management in the Square app.

Setting up Passcodes in Your Square Point of Sale

  1. From the navigation menu, visit Settings > Passcodes > turn Passcodes on.

  2. Turn Allow Team Passcode on. Note: An owner passcode or full access passcode is required to turn this permission on.

  3. By default, your team will only have access to accept payments, while all other actions will require an Owner’s passcode. If you’d like to grant your team members permissions like issuing refunds or viewing reports, tap Edit. You’ll be directed to Permissions in your online Square Dashboard on a mobile browser. Create a Team Passcode for team members using a shared point of sale > select what you’d like to grant access to.

  4. Save > return to the Square Point of Sale app.

At this point, any team member using the Team Passcode will be able to accept payments and access areas and functions of the point of sale you’ve selected for Team Permissions. If a team member needs to access any restricted areas or take a restricted action, you’ll need to enter the owner passcode with the correct permissions enabled.

Personal passcodes allow you to require team members to use a passcode for certain actions. On top of that, your team members will be able to log in to the Square app without an email address or password on any device paired to your business location. Note: The permission set you have assigned to a team member is associated with their personal passcode.

Once logged in, team members can accept payments which will appear in their individual sales report, as well as take other actions specific to their permission set.

  1. Open the Square App and sign in with your owner email, or a device code. If you sign in using a device code, be sure to enter your passcode with permissions to manage settings.

  2. From the navigation menu, tap Settings > Passcodes > Enable Passcodes.

  3. Under Require Passcode, select between After Each Sale, After Log Out, or When Backing Out of a Sale to cancel a payment.

  4. Enter your passcode to save these changes.

  5. Select a preferred time-out period for the Square app.

  6. Tap Log Out on the bottom right to allow your team members to log in and begin accepting payments.

Team Management - Passcodes - US - EN

Disable Team Passcodes in your Point of Sale App

Once you have passcodes enabled in your Point of Sale app, you have the ability to disable them at any time. Note: Disabling passcodes will prevent team members from logging into the point of sale with a team passcode or personal passcode.

  1. Tap the following icon in the navigation bar: Three Horizontal Lines or the down arrow at the top of the Square Register: Register Switcher

  2. Tap Settings > Passcodes.

  3. Toggle Allow Team Passcode off.

Team Management - Disabled Passcode - US - EN

Deactivate/Reactivate Team Member

Deactivate a Team Member

If a team member leaves your business — either permanently or temporarily — you can deactivate their profile.

  1. From the Team Members list in your online Square Dashboard, select a team member.

  2. Click the three-dotted actions dropdown > Deactivate Team Member > confirm.

Note: Your team member’s information will not be lost or deleted once they are deactivated, and they can be reactivated at any time.

Reactivate a Team Member

  1. From the Team Members list in your online Square Dashboard, click the Status drop-down menu on the left > click Inactive.

  2. Click on the team member’s name > Reactivate Team Member.

  3. To allow your team member to log in to the Square app to accept payments, click Edit under Permissions and select or create a permission set from the dropdown menu.

  4. To allow your team member to sign into the Square app using a passcode, enter a custom 4-digit passcode or click Generate to create one at random.

  5. If your team member’s permission set allows them to access the online Square Dashboard or the Square app on their own device, enter the email address they will use to log in.

Note: It is important to retain this for your records because this is the passcode your team member will use to access a point of sale with team management enabled.

Activity log

Team Management - Activity Log - US - EN

The Activity Log in your online Square Dashboard allows you to monitor sensitive actions taken by your team — such as processed refunds, comps/voids, and discounts.

With Team Management, you have free access to view the time and location of each action taken in your Square app and Virtual Terminal. By upgrading to Team Plus, you’ll also be able to view and filter actions by team member. With this more granular reporting, you will be able to see which team members are issuing refunds, comps, discounts, and voiding transactions.

Team Management with Square Payroll

Square Payroll integrates with our Team Management features. Team members can clock in/out from your Square app and you can export their timecards to Square Payroll. Square Payroll also handles your federal and state payroll tax payments and filings. Learn more about Square’s online payroll service.

Note: Square stores data in the U.S. and other countries. You may be required to notify your team members of this fact and obtain their consent before storing their information.

Learn more about: Team Management

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