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Create Staff Member Profiles for Square Appointments

Create staff members to specify available services, manage booked appointments, and process payments.

Create Bookable Staff

From Staff, click Add Employee to create new staff members. Add their contact information and customize each staff member’s’ settings.

Your staff members are automatically added to your Employee list. If you’ve already created an employee profile, you will see an option to add them as a staff member. The Online Booking Visibility setting is automatically toggled on to allow that staff member to be scheduled for appointments.

Customize Staff Settings

Set Staff Permissions

When you create a staff member, you can limit their access to the Appointments calendar and point of sale with Custom Permission Sets.

By default, you’ll have the following permission groups with different levels of access to the Appointments calendar and point of sale:

  • Service Provider: Allows staff member to manage their own calendar.

  • Front Desk: Access to all staff calendars.

  • Manager: Allows access to all calendars and account information. Manager role also allows staff members to sync their personal Google Calendar to Square Appointments.

Note: All of the above pre-set permission groups will automatically have Access Mobile Point of Sale enabled, with limited access. Staff members will also have access their calendar, customer list, and overview of appointment details online when Access Dashboard is enabled.

If you create a new group, you’ll need to make sure to manually enable this setting to allow your staff access to the Appointments app.

Once you’ve created an employee profile for you staff, they will receive an invite email to create a unique login under your Appointments account. Creating a login allows staff access to their own Appointments app, which includes their calendar and customers.

Your staff will not have access to your account settings. Staff will also receive email notifications when an appointment is requested. If you’re a staff member, you can learn more about managing your appointments and customers.

Note: To enable staff login, each new staff member must be invited with a unique email address. If you enable staff login and your staff member has already created an individual Square or mobile staff account, they’ll need to use an alternate email address for their Appointments staff account or disable their previously created account.

Enable Custom Notifications for Staff

When creating staff, set notification settings for your staff to receive new and upcoming appointment emails and text notifications. Select “Owner sent a copy” to send a copy of each notification to the owner as well as the staff member booked. 

Note: If the owner or staff with All or Full Access permissions makes an appointment for another staff member, the appointment skips pending and is automatically accepted and added to that staff member’s calendar. That staff member and the customer will receive an appointment confirmation notification. 

Enable Bookable Services

In order for you or your staff’s availability to pull through online or to 3P integrations:

From the Square Dashboard
1. From the main menu, navigate to Appointments.
2. Select "Staff" from the Appointments menu.
3. Click on the staff member.
4. Toggle on Bookable by Customers Online.
5. Adjust staff members’ hours and select services offered as necessary.
6. Click "Save."

From the Square Appointments App:
1. From the app navigation bar, tap "Items and Services."
2. Tap the service you would like to edit.
3. Tap "Assigned Team Members."
4. Add relevant staff members. Note: staff members must be set as "Bookable" by Customers Online to show up as options here. Follow the instructions above for the Square Dashboard if you do not see all relevant staff members.
5. Tap "Save."