Square Online empowers business owners with more flexibility and control over site design and customization.

Customers expect to interact with your business where and when it’s most convenient for them, including the ability to place orders online. Omnichannel is the future of commerce, and along with this reality, customers want a seamless, delightful experience online — just as they’re used to in your brick-and-mortar store or restaurant.

The Square Online team is doubling down on improvements to help you design a visually appealing site that reflects your brand. Check out five Square Online features that can help you design your dream site and offer a remarkable online ordering experience to your customers.

1. Site styles and additional font options

Choose from 22 designer-curated site styles that bundle colors, fonts, and shape options together to bring your brand to life online. Site styles range from soft and minimal to bold and bright so you can easily create the look you’re going for.

While site styles serve as an inspirational starting point when designing your site, each of the preset colors, fonts, and shapes can be further customized to create your own theme. On top of site styles, Square Online now features 89 more font options to help you clearly communicate with customers in a way that’s in line with your brand.

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Square Online Site Styles

2. More Order Online layouts

Square Online’s Order Online template is designed for businesses selling prepared food and beverage items, with support for local pickup and delivery ordering. The Square Online team offers additional layout options for Order Online, including:

  • Menu item layouts: Select from three layouts to showcase your menu items in the way that works best for you — whether that’s smaller menu images, larger high-quality menu images, or a fully text-based menu.
  • Site header layouts: Six layouts let you control the way your site’s header elements — including your logo, location selector, dropdown menu, header background, and more — are arranged to give your site a unique look and feel.

Learn more about creating an Order Online page.

Square Online mobile sites for food ordering

3. Personalized order screens

Sellers on Square Online Plus and Premium plans can further differentiate their sites by offering logged-in customers a more personalized experience featuring order history, item recommendations, exclusive offers, and loyalty and reward status. With this experience, loyal customers can reorder in just three taps or clicks, driving more repeat purchases.

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Square Online Personalized Order Screen Setup

Square Online

The online store that’s made to order.

4. Modifier Images for food and beverage items

Food and beverage sellers are able to program menu item modifiers in Square Online to let customers customize their order (e.g. Extra chicken). You can showcase each modifier with its own high-quality image to help customers understand the online menu and drive higher average order values.

Learn more about Square Online item modifiers and product images.

5. Square Photo Studio app improvements

High-quality, visually-stunning product photos are an important aspect of any site’s design. The Square Photo Studio app now supports both finished goods and food photography so any business can shoot studio-quality product images directly from an iPhone. The Photo Studio app allows businesses to snap product photos with optimal lighting and framing, remove backgrounds, add background colors and shadows, and seamlessly sync them to your Square catalog from the app itself.

With product photos that match the rest of your brand’s look and feel, nothing’s holding you back from a visually-stunning site that’s optimized for online sales.

Square Photo Studio App

With these enhancements you can build your brand, connect with customers, and sell online more effectively than ever. Look out for additional site design and customization improvements coming soon, and connect with other sellers like you in the Square Seller Community.