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Create an Order Online Page with Square Online

If you’re selling food online, you can change the layout of your “Shop All” page to a more diner-friendly format with support for delivery and in-store or curbside pickup.

Switch From Shop All to Order Online

In the website editor, open the Page list and scroll down to Category pages, then click the “. . .” button and choose “Switch template”.


In the popup window, click the Order Online image, then click Switch to confirm the change (don’t worry - you can switch back if you change your mind). The page layout and details immediately update to the new look.

Add and Organize Menu Items and Categories

Click the Item List section to open the settings, then click Arrange & add items. Use the Add button to create a new item or category without leaving the website editor.

The “Most Popular” and “Recent Order” options display items dynamically. “Most Popular” shows items that are frequently ordered by customers. The “Recent Orders” option is specific to each customer and displays recently purchased items to allow for quick and easy re-ordering. Click the toggles to turn these options on or off. You can use them together or individually. With both options enabled, customers who don’t have recent orders will see the “Most Popular” items instead.


Note: You must have at least one category in order to rearrange items on the Order Online page.

Click on a category title to see the items in that category listed in the order they appear on the page. Drag items up or down in the list to change their position. You can also drag categories up or down to rearrange them on the page. When you’re finished, click the back arrow on the upper left to return to the Item list settings.

Edit Additional Settings

As you move your mouse over the items in the list, you’ll see the corresponding part of the page highlighted on the right. Click on any item to open the options.


You can change the following settings:

Layout - Choose a layout style for the Order Online page based on the number of items in your catalog.

Category links - Change the font, color, and style for category links. You can turn them off with the toggle switch if you don’t want the links to show on the page.

Title - Change the font preset, color, and formatting of the category titles. You can also turn these off if you like.

Item images - Change the visibility of item images. If all of your items have images, you should leave this option turned on to help customers choose what they want.

Item titles - Change the font color and formatting of the item titles.

Item prices - Change the font color and formatting of the price text, or use the toggle switch to hide them.

Item descriptions - Change the font preset, color, and formatting of the item description text, or use the toggle switch to hide them.

Details lightbox - This opens a popup view of the item where customers see details and choose variations and options. They can add items to the cart from this popup window without leaving the main order online page.

Section style - Set a background color or image for the page.

Add Sections

Sections can be used to add text, images, products and additional features to your website. The sections menu on the left side of the editor lists all of the sections on the current page. Click Show More to scroll through the list and click on any section to see a preview on the page. Use the Add button to insert the selected section, or click Cancel to close the section list.

From the Order Online page, you can also add sections by selecting the Add button at the top of the page, then press Section from the menu. You’ll see a section appear on the page that allows you to add content to this space. You can choose any sections from the left hand menu to add to your page.

Learn more about adding and editing sections.

How Ordering Online Works

If you have multiple locations set up for online ordering, customers are prompted to select a location and choose a fulfillment method before viewing the menu.


Customers can use the link at the top of the page to switch to a different location or change order details.


Adding an item to the cart brings up a slideout cart that lets customers edit quantities or remove items. They can also view details about their selected fulfillment method and make changes before checking out.


During checkout, customers will see any instructions you added in your pickup and delivery settings. Customers will receive text message notifications about their order status if they enter in their phone number during checkout.

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