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Create an Ordering Page with Square Online

The Square Online ordering page lets you display all visible items on your website and gives you two layout options: Shop All for physical retail items and Order Online for restaurant menu items.

If you want the ordering page to be your entire site, simply delete all other pages.

Switch the Ordering Page Template


If you’re selling physical items or food and beverage items, you can change the layout of your ordering page to the template best suited for your business. The Shop All page has a more retail-friendly format with support for shipping, and the Order Online page has a more diner-friendly format with support for delivery and in-store or curbside pickup.

To switch the template for your ordering page:

  1. In your Square Online site editor, select the Page dropdown menu.

  2. For either your Shop All or Order Online page, select "..." > Switch template.

  3. Review your template options and select Switch.

  4. Finish setting up your ordering page and Publish your site to see the changes live.

Add and Organize Items and Categories


Select the Item List section to open the settings, then select Arrange & add items. Use the Add button to create a new item or category without leaving the site editor.

There are also additional options for each template.

Shop All

Under Arrangement, select the dropdown menu to custom arrange your items. You do this by dragging and dropping your items in the order of your choosing in the menu.

You can also choose a default automatic arrangement for your items, which buyers can always change in a dropdown menu found on your live site (if you have the Sort option toggled on). Arrangement options include the following:

  • Popularity

  • Newest

  • Price (High-Low)

  • Price (Low-High)

  • Alphabetical (A-Z)

  • Alphabetical (Z-A)

Order Online

The Most Popular and Recent Orders options display items dynamically. Most Popular shows items that are frequently ordered by customers. The Recent Orders option is specific to each customer, and displays recently purchased items to allow for quick and easy re-ordering. Select the toggles to turn these options on or off. You can use them together or individually. With both options enabled, customers who don’t have recent orders will see the Most Popular items instead.

Note: You must have at least one category in order to rearrange items on the Order Online page.

You can also enable cross-selling to automatically display items that are frequently purchased together. When a customer views an item’s details, they’ll see other suggested items with the option to add them to the cart.

To turn on cross-selling:

  1. In your Square Online site editor, open the Order Online page.

  2. Select Item list > Details lightbox

  3. Check the box to enable cross-selling

  4. Select Done and Publish your site to see the changes live.

Edit Additional Settings for Your Displayed Items


As you scroll over the items in the editing panel, you’ll see the corresponding part of the page highlighted on the right. Select any item to open the options you can edit. These can include things like links, images, search bars, prices, lightboxes, pagination, and more. Options you see will depend on the template you've chosen.

Add Sections to Your Ordering Page

Sections can be used to add additional text, images, and features to your ordering page. The sections you can add to either template will depend on which you've chosen. Learn more about adding and editing sections.

The Buyer Experience for your Customers

Shop All

For your Shop All page, your customers can browse and arrange your items using the methods mentioned above to quickly shop for what they're looking for. They can also see featured items if you add that section to this page.

Order Online

For your Order Online page, if you have multiple locations set up for online ordering, your customers will be prompted to select a location and choose a fulfillment method before viewing the menu. Customers can use the link at the top of the page to switch to a different location or change order details.

Adding an item to the cart brings up a slideout cart that lets customers edit quantities or remove items. They can also view details about their selected fulfillment method and make changes before checking out.


During checkout, customers will see any instructions you added in your pickup and delivery settings. Customers can receive text message notifications about their order status if they enter in their phone number during checkout.


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