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Create an Ordering Page with Square Online

The ordering page for Square Online is the focal point of your online store, where buyers can shop, browse and order items. This page gives you two layout options: Shop All (best for retail) and Order Online (best for restaurants).

You can also upgrade the buyer experience on your ordering page by enabling a personalised order screen (only available for Order Online at this time).

Note: if you need to create a page for accepting online appointment bookings, learn more about adding an online booking page to Square Online.

Shop All vs Order Online

Although you don’t necessarily have to use one template over the other based on your particular business type, each template will display items in a way that streamlines the buying experience for your customers.

  • Shop All: best for selling physical items, often associated with products you might find in a retail store. This template has the best support for delivery.

  • Order Online: Best for selling prepared food and beverage items, often associated with menu items you’d find in a restaurant or any size food and drink vendor. This template has the best support for local delivery, and in-store and click and collect.

Add an Ordering Page to Your Site

To add an ordering page to your Square Online site:

  1. from your Square Online site editor, select + > Page.

  2. Select Shop, and choose either the Shop All or Order Online ordering page template.

  3. Select Add to include the page on your site.

Each template will have different features you can customise, and you’ll be able to switch your template at any time.

Switch the Ordering Page Template


If you already have an ordering page on your site, you can change its layout to the template best suited to your business. To switch the template for your ordering page:

  1. from your Square Online site editor, select the Page drop-down menu.

  2. Under the Shop All or Order Online page, select ••• > Switch template.

  3. Choose your preferred template and select Done when finished.

Add Items and Categories to Your Ordering Page


With your ordering page open in the editor, select the Item list section in the editing panel to open the settings, then select Arrange & add items. If you need to add items to your catalogue, you can always go back to your Square Item Library.

There are also additional options for each template.

Shop All

When choosing how to arrange your items, you’ll be able to choose an Arrangement from the drop-down menu. Select the Custom option to drag and drop your items in the order of your choosing.

You can also choose a default automatic arrangement for your items, which buyers can always change from a drop-down menu found on your live website. To enable customers to choose an automatic arrangement, go back to your Item list and toggle on the Sort and filter option. Automatic arrangement options include the following:

  • popularity
  • Newest
  • Price (High–Low)
  • Price (Low–High)
  • Alphabetical (A–Z)
  • Alphabetical (Z–A)

Order Online

Note: enable customers to view their recent orders by upgrading your Square Online subscription.

When choosing how to arrange your items, you’ll see the Most popular and Recent orders options display items dynamically on your webpage. Most popular shows items that are frequently ordered by customers, while Recent orders is specific to each customer and displays recently purchased items for easy reordering. Select the toggles in the editing panel to turn these options on or off. You can use them together or individually. With both options enabled, customers who don’t have recent orders will see the most popular items instead.

Note: you must have at least one category in order to rearrange items on the Order Online page.

You can also enable cross-selling to automatically display items that are frequently purchased together. When a customer views an item’s details, they’ll see other suggested items with the option to add them to the basket. To turn on cross-selling, go back to your Item list in the editing panel and select Item view > Customers also purchased.

You can add navigation links for your categories by selecting +Add navigation link in your editor. For Order Online templates, under Link to, select Category page and choose the category you want to link. For Shop All, select Shop All from the drop-down menu and enter a name for the link. Tick the option to Include nav links for categories to display the categories located under Shop All. If unticked, the categories won’t display in the navigation.

Customise Your Ordering Page

Note: unlock additional ordering page features by upgrading your Square Online subscription.

As you scroll over each ordering page feature in the editing panel, you’ll see the corresponding part of the page highlighted on your website. Select any feature to open the options you can edit. Available options will depend on the template you’ve chosen.

Features you can customise include:

  • item images

  • Search bars

  • Prices

  • Lightboxes

  • Pagination

  • Navigation

  • Layouts (upgrade required)

  • Personalised ordering (upgrade required)

Sections can also be used to add additional text, images or featured items to your ordering page. The sections you can add to either template will depend on which one you’ve chosen.

To customise your ordering page further, learn more about designing and customising your Square Online site.

Turn Your Ordering Page into a Single Page Website

If you want the ordering page to be your entire website, you can delete all other pages from the Page drop-down menu in the editor. You can also integrate the ordering page with an existing website built outside of Square to take advantage of our powerful Point of Sale and commerce tools. Learn more about how to Use Square Online with an existing website.

Shop All Buyer Experience


With a Shop All page, your customers can browse and arrange your items to quickly shop for what they’re looking for. They can also quickly navigate by category, fulfilment method, stock or sale price.

Customers that add items to the basket will see the basket update in real time. During checkout, they’ll see any instructions you added to your delivery and return policies before completing the order.

Order Online Buyer Experience


With an Order Online page, if you have multiple locations set up for online ordering, your customers will be prompted to select a location and choose a fulfilment method before viewing the menu. They can also use buttons at the top of the page to change these details.

Customers who add items to the basket will see a pop-up window appear that lets them edit item quantities or remove items. During checkout, they’ll see any instructions you added to your collection and local delivery settings before completing the order.

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